SANS 2018 Security Operations Center Survey

Discover why a NextGen SIEM is essential to a more effective SOC

Given the accelerating threat landscape, you need a more effective security operation centre (SOC) framework. Yet many organisations are challenged with understaffing, a lack of automated or integrated toolsets and unclear metrics.

To achieve a better SOC design, a NextGen SIEM with embedded security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) should be the heart of your solution to expedite workflows and ease threat qualification and remediation for your team.

The 2018 SANS SOC Survey offers insight into why NextGen SIEMs are a core technology for SOCs that unify intelligence and data.

Download the 2018 SANS SOC Survey to learn:

  • Key obstacles security managers face in deploying and maintaining SOCs
  • How a NextGen SIEM is a critical component for the success of your SOC
  • Important metrics to measure the success of a SOC
  • How to better structure the architecture of your SOC

Download the survey to learn the state of today’s SOCs and best practices for security operations teams.

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