The Security Operations Maturity Model

A practical guide to assessing and improving the capabilities of your security operations centre

Assessing and improving the maturity of your security operations is critical

Cybersecurity compromises can be devastating and expensive. Security operations teams need to work diligently to protect their organisations and with mountains of data it can be an uphill battle.

The solution is simple: Reduce the amount of time it takes to detect and respond to threats.

To achieve this, organisations must assess and benchmark the maturity of their security operations centre (SOC) and identify what can be improved. Then benchmark and improve again.

LogRhythm’s Security Operations Maturity Model explains how to assess your SOC and provides a framework to help you bring technology, people and processes into alignment.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How attacks unfold and how to mitigate them early in the attack lifecycle
  • How the Threat Lifecycle Management framework streamlines security operations
  • How to assess your organisation’s SOC maturity and how to improve it

Download the Security Operations Maturity Model white paper today.

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