The case for better defence:

Cybersecurity and legal firms

Law firms play a vital role in helping businesses and individuals navigate the complex legal systems that protect society.

Technology has become essential in helping firms manage complex compliance requirements, track and share documents, streamline the handling of funds and manage billing.

But while many law firms are centuries old, they are a little less mature when it comes to cybersecurity. Best practice isn’t always followed, and many firms don’t have an incident response plan – even though nearly two-thirds are estimated to have been a victim of a cyberattack in 2015.

Considering the sensitive and valuable nature of the information that law firms hold, the results of breaches can be devastating, and a loss of trust can see clients taking their business elsewhere.

In ‘The case for better defence: Cybersecurity and legal firms’, we outline the cyberthreats facing law firms and discuss the challenges to putting better security capabilities in place. We also look at how we can help firms on their journey to more sophisticated monitoring.