Buying time: How LogRhythm helps you see threats others miss

Your SOC works hard, but there is never enough time to deal with the cybersecurity threats hiding in that unceasing flow of data, that unending pile of log files. Until now.

LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM sorts your log data, enriching it, sequencing it and applying our advanced analytics. We rank the threats, alert your team and guide them through an automated investigation and response.

LogRhythm gives your SOC the most valuable tool of all. Time.

Time to detect the threat and time to respond, all before the threat can do damage.

Watch our in-depth product demo to learn how LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM accelerates detection and response for a malware outbreak through:

  • Automated machine analytics that alert on an otherwise hidden threat
  • Alarms prioritised by risk to help analysts work on the most urgent tasks
  • Guided workflows that show the analyst exactly which steps to take
  • Automated procedures and actions that expedite investigation and threat containment

The LogRhythm platform enables you to neutralise threats in record time and provides custom reports that measure your team’s efficiency.

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