Unleash the Power of Your SOC

Watch How LogRhythm Rapidly Detects and Stops a Threat — Even When it’s Buried in a Mass of Log Data

Your organization generates a vast landscape of log data. Yet threats attempt to hide within that maze of information. And these threats can be difficult to find — even when you’re centrally collecting your log data.

Each system and application generate its own type of event data. And new types of activities and anomalies happen every day. To recognize a potential malware outbreak, you need to translate your full collection of disparate logs into a single, common language and identify the true sequence of events. After all, you can’t stop a threat if you don’t know it exists.

That’s where the LogRhythm SIEM Platform comes in.

LogRhythm’s SIEM sorts through your vast log data, enriching it, sequencing it, and applying advanced security analytics to it in order to zero in on a threat. It then guides your analysts through automated investigation and response actions so your team can stop a breach before the threat can cause damage.

In this in-depth product demo, you’ll see LogRhythm’s SIEM solution accelerate detection and response to a malware outbreak through:

  • Automated machine analytics that alert to an otherwise hidden threat
  • Alarms prioritized by risk to help analysts work on the most urgent tasks
  • Guided workflows that show the analyst exactly which steps to take
  • Automated procedures and actions that expedite investigation and threat containment

The LogRhythm platform enables you to neutralize a threat in record time and provides custom reports that measure your team’s efficiency — allowing you continuously make your SOC more resilient to whatever threats may come its way.

Watch the on-demand demo now to see how LogRhythm can help you efficiently contain a malware outbreak and unleash the power of your SOC.

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