Customer Success

We enable and empower our customers to get immediate and ongoing value from our product. We collaborate with our customers to define and deliver the right solution for their specific needs.


We strive to create an atmosphere where creativity and transformational thinking thrives. Innovation arises when smart people consistently think bigger, ask the difficult questions and embrace conflict.


We adhere to our vision despite challenges or obstacles with a firm belief in our mission undeterred by the vicissitudes created by external forces.


We respond to change quickly, decisively and optimistically.

Do The Right Thing

We tell the truth. We make good on our commitments. We follow the facts wherever they might lead in spite of discomfort, inconvenience or self-interest.


We are solid and unwavering in our dedication to a path of truth and honesty. We strive to be the people our dogs and moms think we are.


We strive for success and accomplishment in all we do as individuals, but we are equally committed to the triumphs of our respective departments and the company overall.


We are mutually committed to our common goal. We operate on the principle that we are stronger when we act in concert.

Roll 'Em Up

We do what’s necessary to get the job done, regardless of title. We happily lend a helping hand when a colleague needs one. Arrogance is not welcomed here.

Intellectual Honesty

We are willing to look at our behaviors and identify and address our weaknesses while building upon our strengths. We don’t expect perfection, but we do hope that in the striving for it, we may achieve great things.


We are responsible to one another for our performance and our transgressions. Our individual accomplishments have implications for the greater LogRhythm community.

Work Hard, Live Well, Have Fun

We find the balance: We work hard, live well and have fun.