AMA: Learn How LogRhythm Implemented the WFH Change

As a result of recent events and the COVID-19 pandemic, most organizations are implementing work-at-home policies. Yet company-wide remote environments present unique challenges for IT and cybersecurity professionals.

During this webinar, Rex Young, chief information officer, and Zack Rowland, strategic integrations engineer, will reveal how LogRhythm rapidly migrated employees from in-office to remote work.

The two will discuss the steps LogRhythm took to prepare for such an event and how they put that plan in action as remote work became necessary. Rex and Zack will then answer your questions to help you implement the same work-from-home environment while keeping IT and security best practices top of mind.

Topics covered during this webinar will include:

  • How LogRhythm prepared its IT and security operations to accommodate
    a global work-from-home event
  • A personalized Q&A session to help your IT and security teams accommodate a remote team
  • How to balance business continuity with security measures
    IT and security implications to consider when implementing a work-at-home set-up

Watch the on-demand webcast today to learn how LogRhythm made the move to a remote workforce and how you can do the same.