Protecting Your Business from the Ransomware Threat

In this webinar, LogRhythm looks at the business problems surrounding the new and evolved ransomware threat. The webinar also gives you a brief technical overview of how these schemes function and how they can be spotted and responded to early enough in the threat lifecycle to severely limit the potential damage. You’ll also be given a framework that you can work through to better protect your organization in the face of this looming menace.

In this webinar, James Carder, CISO and VP of LogRhythm Labs, and Ryan Sommers, LogRhythm Labs Manager of Threat Intelligence and Incident Response, discuss:

  • The early indicators of ransomware
  • Automated defenses that you can put in place to thwart the attack
  • The steps that must be followed (with robotic precision) to make a mole hill out of the possible mountain