Mitigating Risk of Cybersecurity Exploits to Medical Devices in Hospital Networks

As the need for a cost-effective patient care increases, developments and innovation in healthcare technology accelerates. Nowadays, the numerous advances in sophisticated network enabled medical devices allow increased cooperation and communication between patients, healthcare centers, and manufacturers. This direct connection vastly improves patient experience and quality of treatment.

However, despite the numerous opportunities, medical devices, like other computer system can be vulnerable to cybersecurity exploits. Consequently these potential vulnerabilities can impact patient care, brand and reputation of hospitals, and the safety of patients’ personal information.

In this webcast, a seasoned panel of thought leaders and practitioners reviewed and discussed the potential problems and possible impact of medical devices in the healthcare landscape. Speakers also helped the audience understand the pace of innovation in this area, including its direct connection to business potential and overall cost savings.

Key topics include:

  • Cyber security and safety risks from medical devices within healthcare facilities
  • Medical device hardware, software, and architectural standards and limitations
  • Existing regulations for hospitals and manufacturers regarding medical devices
  • Liability assessment tactics
  • Risk mitigation strategies and security management programs for healthcare networks