Triage: The Art of Threat Detection and Risk Assessment

In healthcare, medical professionals use triage procedures to quickly assess, prioritize and allocate the right resources to treat patients, adjusting their response to the severity of the situation. Similar to healthcare, today’s cybersecurity teams are dealing with a constant barrage of alarms must utilize the concept of triage to gain control of their IT environment.

In this webinar, Paul Davis, director of advanced threats security solution architects at Cisco, and Seth Goldhammer, director of product management at LogRhythm, break down how to artfully perform IT security triage to increase productivity and reduce alarm fatigue.

You’ll learn:

  • Challenges your peers are facing around alarm fatigue
  • What triage is and how you can apply the concept to your environment
  • How AMP Threat Grid can provide intelligence into your disparate events
  • How LogRhythm can turn triage and intelligence into actionable response