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Why Insight Matters for Cloud Application Security

When protecting cloud environments, security teams struggle to make sense of mass amounts of event data coming from various log sources. To keep pace with the attack surface, security analysts require contextual analytics to visualize and filter data to pinpoint cyberthreats accurately.

Download this third-party analyst report to learn how you can improve your enterprise’s hybrid IT security posture and enhance your analyst experience through a cloud-native platform.

why insight matters for cloud application security

Here's What to Expect

This report dives into building better analyst experiences with insights to help you reduce noise and quickly secure your cloud environment. You’ll gain key knowledge into:

  • Why the cloud frontier is hard to secure
  • Top challenges analysts face
  • Tools analysts can use to streamline their experience
  • How to solve visibility gaps with LogRhythm Axon

Optimizing the Analyst Experience

Attackers take advantage of open-source software to uncover vulnerabilities, upload malware, and corrupt code libraries with shell commands. LogRhythm Axon enables analysts to surface threats and secure your environment with powerful security analytics.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how Axon enables analysts to overcome the toughest cloud-security challenges. With Axon you gain the ability to visualize data in a multi-dimensional way while reducing analyst workload.

LogRhythm Axon for cloud security monitoring

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About the Author

Jason “JE” English (@bluefug) is a Partner & Principal Analyst at Intellyx, a boutique analyst firm covering digital transformation. His writing is focused on how agile collaboration between customers, partners and employees can accelerate innovation.

In addition to several leadership roles in supply chain, interactive, gaming and cloud computing companies, Jason led marketing efforts for the development, testing and virtualization software company ITKO, from its bootstrap startup days, through a successful acquisition by CA in 2011. JE co-authored the book Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated to capture the then-novel practice of test environment simulation for Agile development.

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