2024 State of the Security Team Research

Did you know... 95% of companies report altering their cybersecurity strategies in the past year? Learn what factors are affecting these decisions and get statistics on today's security team resources, budget, breaches, and more.

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Key Findings

LogRhythm’s 2024 cybersecurity research reveals pivotal insights into organizational adaptation amidst digital challenges, highlighting the need for ongoing evolution, strategic alignment, and strong communication.


Communication and
Reporting Challenges

Despite improvements, effective communication between security teams and non-security executives remains a significant gap.

59% of professionals report difficulties explaining the necessity of specific security solutions, indicating there is a pressing need for enhanced reporting mechanisms to facilitate better decision-making. 

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

The adoption of AI and the shifting regulatory landscape are significant drivers of change in security practices. 

AI utilization has prompted strategy adjustments for 65% of organizations.

Regulations Demand Change

98% of companies cite regulatory requirements as a factor in their cybersecurity approaches, resulting in 25% removing revenue generating products or services from the market.

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