Exabeam and LogRhythm Complete Merger

New company empowers customers with best-of-breed security

Experience the world’s most advanced self-managed and cloud-native security operations platforms, powered by AI and fortified with high-integrity data ingestion, to deliver superior TDIR.

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Compete in Virtual LogWars CTF

LogWars Capture the Flag

Do you have what it takes to be the next LogWars champion? It’s time to put your SIEM threat hunting skills to the test in our next friendly competition!

Join our virtual capture-the-flag event to compete against other cybersecurity professionals and test drive LogRhythm Axon.

Your Trusted Security Partner

We understand the amount of work and pressure security teams face. To ease the burden, LogRhythm delivers threat research and out-of-the-box content so that you can quickly defend against emerging cyberthreats.

  • 950+ third-party and cloud integrations
  • 1,100+ preconfigured correlation rules
  • Prebuilt threat analytics, threat intelligence service feeds, and risk-based prioritization
  • Prebuilt playbooks and automated response

SIEM Security Solutions for the SOC

Cloud-Native SIEM Platform

Monitor and surface threats easily.

Self-Hosted SIEM Platform

Detect, analyze, and respond to threats.

Learn About Our Customer-Centric Approach

LogRhythm provides security operations center (SOC) services to our customers so they can build their strongest defense and maximize return on investment.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small team with limited resources, we’re dedicated to your success.

SecOps teams trust LogRhythm
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How Can We Help?

LogRhythm is here for you every step of the way throughout your security journey. Contact us to learn more about how we can address your security challenges and requirements. 

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