LogRhythm's security intelligence and analytics platform enables organizations to detect, prioritize and neutralize cyber threats that penetrate the perimeter or originate from within.

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Comprised of experts in threat research, forensic analysis, compliance and incident response, our LogRhythm Labs team rapidly delivers actionable intelligence with advanced analytics to greatly reduce the mean time to detect and remediate against risks that matter most.

How to Extract SCSM Log Files from a Remote Windows Host

Recently, a question was posed on the LogRhythm Community around how to extract the SCSM log from a remote Windows host. I put together a quick PowerShell script to extract not only the System Center Service Manager (SCSM)...

Analysis of Shamoon 2 Disk-Wiping Malware

Shamoon 2 Malware Background On August 15, 2012, a Saudi Arabian energy company was infected with disk-wiping malware in a targeted attack. The malware, known as either “Shamoon” or “DistTrack,” reportedly infected nearly 30,000 machines at the company...

I would recommend LogRhythm Network Monitor because it provides valuable insight into suspicious network activity with the ability to retain packet captures for more detailed analysis.
When our organization identifies suspicious activity in the console, we use Network Monitor’s full packet capture capability to perform further analysis and gather evidence.
[Our organization] had a need for better network visibility with our internet facing links, LogRhythm’s Network Monitor gives us an efficient and cost effective means of doing that.
We use LogRhythm for all logging and auditing. We have significantly enhanced our return time on getting executive reports out and the reports return much more information.
Using LogRhythm Network Monitor we were able to detect IRC traffic using non-standard ports and suspicious DNS traffic.
I would recommend LogRhythm because the features and ease of use for all aspects of the system are head over heels above the competition.

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