Demo: Tracking the Progression of an Attack on Critical Infrastructure in Real Time

Watch how LogRhythm SIEM provides critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Watch the Demo

Watch how LogRhythm SIEM secures critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure (CI) cybersecurity is essential to protecting networks and industrial control systems (ICS) that monitor and manage processes within sectors that modern-day society largely depends on.

Inspired by real-life events, this demo shows how an operational technology (OT) SOC team uses the LogRhythm SIEM Platform to quickly detect a life-threatening cyberattack on a water treatment plant. See how:

  • LogRhythm compiles user and host data into one view to create an easy-to-follow security narrative to help the team quickly remediate the attack
  • The analyst can easily follow the attack as it progresses in real-time via the platform’s Timeline View
  • The analyst uses the Node Link view to effortlessly visualize relationships and patterns to quickly connect the dots in the attack
  • Automated SmartResponse actions allow the analyst to disable the attacker’s account with one click

Watch the demo to see how LogRhythm reduces the burden for security teams by telling the story of an unfolding attack and sequentially connecting the dots — all in real-time.