Securing Critical Infrastructure

Learn how your security operations center (SOC) can reduce operational technology risk

Protect critical infrastructure

Securing critical infrastructure is essential to protect the backbone of national security, economic stability, organizations, and the health and safety of people across the globe.

Watch this demo to see how the LogRhythm SIEM Platform helps an operational technology (OT) SOC team detect and mitigate a critical infrastructure cyberattack on a water treatment plant.

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Overcoming OT and IT security challenges

Within an OT environment, industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems play a fundamental role in managing and monitoring industrial processes and infrastructure. However, they also remain vulnerable to network-based cyberattacks.

To reduce operational risk, SOCs need solutions that bridge the gap between IT and OT to gain holistic visibility and effectively protect the organization from cyberthreats.

Critical infrastructure sectors

Movements like Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 drive digital transformation, but as OT environments become more connected, the risk of cyber intrusion increases. 

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recognizes 16 essential critical infrastructure sectors that are necessary to protect against virtual and physical attacks for national security, economic stability, and public health and safety.

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure directly impact things like life-sustaining medical devices, industrial control systems running a power grid, a smart sensor indicating the malfunction of a plane’s engine, or tools that examine water contamination. Across all sections, it’s more important than ever to bridge cybersecurity and operational risks to effectively protect critical infrastructure and business operations.

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LogRhythm works with organizations across all industries to improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity. You can click below and learn more about our tailored solutions to specific sectors:


Smart Manufacturing and the acceleration of connectivity in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) coupled with the continued use of legacy technology makes securing ICSs more challenging. Here's how to overcome these cybersecurity obstacles.


The recent DarkSide attack on Colonial Pipeline and other examples like the Florida and San Francisco water treatment plants highlight the need to protect control systems used to manage industrial operations. Gear up for your strongest defense sooner than later.


Biden's executive order has prompted federal agencies to make cybersecurity a top priority and many public and private companies are following suite. Get ready to defend critical infrastructure that citizens and businesses depend on every single day.

Is Your SOC Ready for IT & OT Convergence?

IT and OT convergence improves business performance and production, streamlines costs, reduces risk, and provides competitive advantages. If you’re expanding SOC oversight to include OT assets and networks, you may be looking for tips to help close the security gap. In this webinar, hear from an OT cybersecurity expert on the strategies, tactics, and technologies that help secure OT environments.

Securing critical infrastructure with LogRhythm

Securing critical infrastructure from cyberthreats may seem overwhelming, but there is a solution. LogRhythm’s SIEM platform will help your security operations center protect your organization’s most valuable critical infrastructure with:

Real-time visibility

Reduce blind spots and monitor OT and SCADA log sources

Better Contextualization

Identify threats with accuracy and confidence using machine data intelligence

Threat detection and response

Improve mean time to detect and respond metrics to OT attacks with automation

Risk-Based Prioritization

Quickly prioritize and drill down on riskier threats in your IT or OT environment

LogRhythm is your ally in the fight to help you monitor OT networks with real-time visibility and ensure accurate and swift incident response to cyberattacks that threaten your environment.

"A properly configured security monitoring solution that has full visibility into the environment with robust automated response capability will help manufactures identify malicious activity and thwart bad actors before ransomware can take hold."
James Carder, LogRhythm Chief Security Officer

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