Get the Complete Guide to Ransomware

What to do When Your Data is Held Hostage

In 2019, ransomware damage totaled $11.5 billion USD, at an average of $141,000 USD per incident.¹ By 2021, experts expect total damage from ransomware

The Complete Guide to Ransomware cover. What to do when your data is held hostage.

to top out at over $20 billion USD.²

Is your organization equipped to defeat a ransomware attack?

In this e-Book, researchers from LogRhythm Labs explore the rise and recent surge in ransomware activity, explain how ransomware functions, and explore how can best prepare your organization for an attack.

You’ll learn:

  • The five phases of a ransomware attack — and key indicators of an attack
  • The five steps of defense you can take keep an attack from shutting down your business
  • How a ransomware attack can execute in as little as 15 minutes

Don’t be a victim. Download The Complete Guide to Ransomware – What To Do When Your Data is Held Hostage, and learn what to do to keep ransomware from threatening your organization.