Detecting a Phishing Email: 10 Things to Watch

In the last few weeks, our LogRhythm Labs team has been talking about how to defend against ransomware and phishing attacks. These topics seem to be at the forefront of the concerns of security professionals. Ransomware infections are often instigated through phishing emails. It’s crucial to take proactive measures to help protect yourself and your organization’s security.

Educating employees in your organization can go a long way in protecting against these types of attacks, as employees remain the biggest risk within the company.

You likely already know many of the indicators to keep an eye out for when detecting a phishing email. However, those who work in your organization may not. This shareable infographic provides you with a quick top ten list that you can use to help educate your team on how to spot a phishing email.

Detecting a phishing email infographic

Want to spread some cybersecurity awareness within your organization? Download this infographic to share tips for detecting a phishing email!

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