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Computer with a lock on the keypad

Cyber Kill Chain Steps and How to Defend Against APTs

The Cyber Kill Chain® methodology was developed by the military defense firm, Lockheed Martin, to address cyberattacks by identifying the pattern and behavior of cybercriminals as they carry out an attack. These actions are referred to as cyber kill phases.[1]…

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Screen shot of GitHub showing LogRhythm.Tools information.

Automation Use Cases Using LogRhythm.Tools

LogRhythm.Tools is a PowerShell framework which acts as a wrapper for the LogRhythm API. This simplifies interactions with the LogRhythm API because you only need to run a PowerShell cmdlet to call an API function, rather than a direct interaction with your own…

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Security analyst using MistNet NDR by LogRhythm

Combating Ransomware and APTs with MistNet NDR

“Greetings! Your company network has been hacked. All of your important files have been encrypted!” Last year NPR revealed that over 65,000 companies received a ransomware note like this, averaging seven attacks per hour. Unfortunately, things appear to be getting…

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A phone screen accessing Amazon's website

Detecting Attacks on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is well known for its shared responsibility model: AWS is responsible for fixing the flaws in the infrastructure and its customers are responsible for configuring and adequately protecting their own data using access management or other…

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