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Pushing the Boundaries of AI-Driven Security Operations by Steve Wilson, CPO, Exabeam

Pushing the Boundaries of AI-Driven Security Operations

Following today’s announcement, I want to share my perspective on the immediate next steps as we relaunch a new, stronger Exabeam, along with some product roadmap details and my vision for the exciting months ahead. Cyberthreats are increasingly clever and pervasive, with organizations under constant attack from the outside and within. Artificial intelligence (AI) has supercharged these dangers, requiring new strategies, solutions, and ideas to outwit our adversaries and protect intellectual property and customer information.

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A New Era for Vigilant CISOs by Chris O'Malley, CEO, Exabeam

A New Era for Vigilant CISOs

Today is a monumental day as it marks the beginnings of a revolutionary shift in the cybersecurity landscape with the official merger of Exabeam and LogRhythm. This union creates a singularly focused powerhouse dedicated to setting an unparalleled standard for customers around the world. In a world where cyberthreats are constantly evolving, staying ahead requires more than incremental improvements – it demands a fundamental shift.

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