What’s New at LogRhythm

What's New @ LogRhythm

See how we're delivering on promises to better serve our customers

Reinventing a brighter future for our customers who inspire us to invent on their behalf every day. We’re transforming “the way we work” so we can make and keep bold promises to our customers. See what we’ve been up to this past quarter to help you be ready to defend and stay tuned. Our customer-obsessed LogRhythm team is just getting warmed up!

Introducing the Innovation Portal!

This is an exciting time for LogRhythm! The debut of Axon and recent updates to other products, including our SIEM and NDR, means that change is in the air. With that, we want to ensure that LogRhythm’s next steps are tailored to our customers’ needs.  

The Innovation Portal is designed to do just that! This section of the Community contains quick showcases of what’s in development. You’ll find a mix of videos, surveys, and other spotlights — all of which come with an open invitation for feedback. Let us know your thoughts through the surveys and comments section and signal your general support with a Kudos. We’ll keep a close eye on this section and will steadily supply it with new content.

Promises made. Promises kept.

October 2022 updates

Security Made Easy: The Start Of A New Chapter

LogRhythm believes in a future where fast, agile, and high-performing security teams are armed with intelligent analytics and automated responses to confidently defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape. As allies in the fight against cyberattacks, we have been busy working on enhancing existing features and creating new tools and solutions to help lighten your security team’s load and ultimately, keep your business and customers safe, day after day.

With Q3 now at an end, we are thrilled to release the Q4 quarterly deliverable. LogRhythm is proud to launch LogRhythm Axon, a groundbreaking, cloud-native security operations platform, alongside valuable new enhancements to the LogRhythm SIEM Platform (Version 7.10)NDR, and UEBA solutions.

The introduction of Axon marks an important milestone for LogRhythm. It signals the start of a new chapter in our product arsenal and our renewed commitment to innovate our security offerings. While this first release of Axon provides security teams with an efficient and intuitive way to gain seamless visibility across both cloud and on-prem log sources, we’re just getting warmed up. The platform establishes a strong foundation to defend against today’s cyberthreats and will rapidly evolve to help you defend against ever-evolving digital weaponization.

This quarterly delivery marks our second consecutive quarter of making and keeping bold promises our precious customers care about, just as an authentically committed and dedicated security software partner should. We have never been more ready, eager, and able to help empower security teams with the most intuitive experience and contextual analytics into cybersecurity threats so you can reduce noise, prioritize work, and quickly secure your environment.

In short, this demonstrates our customer-obsessed team’s commitment to ensuring our customers and partners have unmatched visibility, detection, and response capabilities for your security operations teams. With Axon, LogRhythm has the flexibility to meet the demands of customers and reduce the burden of managing data and operational infrastructure, helping security teams prioritize and focus on defending against threats.

At LogRhythm, we are transforming the “way we work” to drive continuous improvements in innovation quality, velocity, and efficiency for our precious customers. Let there be no doubt that a customer-centric LogRhythm, reinvented for the digital age, is just getting warmed up!

We’ll make and keep bold promises that matter, continuously improving in service for our customers who inspire us to invent on their behalf.


Chris O’Malley,
LogRhythm CEO

July 2022 updates

As an organization, we are committed and dedicated to helping simplify the lives of highly stretched sec/ops teams, with enhanced threat detection for users (UEBA) and networks (NDR) and from today, the LogRhythm SIEM Platform 7.9.

See LogRhythm Axon in action

Let one of our security experts review your uses cases and demonstrate how the LogRhythm Axon platform can help you reduce noise and quickly secure your environment 

LogRhythm Axon dashboard