Matt Willems

Technical Product Manager


My Role

I work as a Technical Product Manager within LogRhythm Labs. In that capacity, I work closely with the Machine Data Intelligence team to troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and I collect consistent data from the field to use for our Co-Pilot Program, develop new rule blocks for advanced correlation and build parsing rules to support new devices. For our customers to get the best value out of the platform, I provide Incident Response support—analyzing and interpreting data, and delivering up-to-date content for the Knowledge Base in order to neutralize the threat faster.

My Story

In college, I studied linguistics and Russian. Many people wonder how linguistics translates to a career in cybersecurity—to which I explain that the pattern detection and problem solving skills necessary for both fields provides me with the unique ability to decipher foreign log sources and translate complex ideas into easily understandable and consumable content.

Before joining LogRhythm, I began my technology career as a Certified Apple Genius and worked in a Network Operations Center for an education-oriented Internet Service Provider. I’ve always had a fixation for IT Security because it is an ever-changing industry. Knowing there is always a threat-actor on the other side motivates me to stay on top of industry trends and do the best I can to help our customers.

When I’m not debating Mac vs. PC, I spend my time snowboarding, playing Ultimate Frisbee and of course cheering on the KU Basketball team.

My Philosophy

I always want to be able to contribute security knowledge to not only the product, but also to the industry as a whole. Because I’m not formally trained in security, I try to approach problems with an outside point of view to bring security and the platform together to help our customers.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Science, Linguistics, University of Kansas