NERC CIP Compliance

Automate and enforce information security regulations for electric utilities

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) created a framework to protect bulk power systems against cybersecurity compromises that could lead to operational failures or instability.

NERC CIP v5 further addresses cyber-related risks facing this sector by promoting organizations to categorize Bulk Electric Systems (BES) into high, medium and low impact. Once categorized, BES assets can have appropriate Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards applied to address risk.

Easily measure NERC CIP adherence

LogRhythm helps you meet NERC CIP compliance mandates with automation modules for both v3 and v5 to assist your organization in working through the transition period. These modules will streamline your compliance and provide advanced features for monitoring and enforcement, as well as delivering content through reporting packages.

Tailor NERC CIP enforcement to fit your organization’s risk priorities

Easily customize your enforcement of NERC CIP by adjusting alarm priority to align with your at-risk BES components. Quickly prioritize events, gather forensic data and implement remediation efforts to prevent misoperation or instability. Case management will help you to facilitate your forensic investigations and incident response activities.

Reduce noise and focus your attention on the alerts that matter the most

LogRhythm’s risk-based priority algorithm applies risk and threat factors to automatically qualify alarms, so your team can spend time working the highest-risk concerns instead of being lost in the weeds.

Achieve NERC CIP compliance with LogRhythm

  • Demonstrate compliance: Ensure that your BES operate within the requirements of applicable policies, legislation and regulations
  • Enhanced risk management: LogRhythm provides an essential contribution to the mitigation of risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets provided by BES
  • Reporting and continuous improvement: LogRhythm contributes to mandatory reporting and process requirements of NERC CIP
  • Situational awareness: LogRhythm delivers a real-time feed of information regarding the current status and threats to BES, ensuring incidents are detected, investigated and remediated
  • Accountability: LogRhythm ensures that BES are used within the defined parameters and are not used for wasteful or unlawful purposes
  • Network defense: LogRhythm enhances your other security countermeasures to provide a complete “defense-in-depth” approach and facilitate automated responses to threats to bulk electric systems
  • Adaptability and growth: Our maturity module bridges the gap between the NERC CIP compliance platform to leverage cybersecurity and threat intelligence components of the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform

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Download the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP v5) white paper to learn more about how LogRhythm helps you achieve compliance.

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