SIEM for Law Firm Cybersecurity

Protect your law firm’s network and data

The legal industry is a frequent target for cybercriminals

To keep up with pervasive threats, law firm cybersecurity solutions are essential to protecting highly sensitive and confidential data.

There’s a lot at stake — from client information, financial records, corporate data, case evidence, and more — your security team must be equipped with the proper tools and resources to effectively detect and respond to any threats that come your way. See how a SIEM solution can help with law firm data protection.

Law firm cybersecurity challenges

Legal firms are a top target for ransomware due to the sensitive information they have, yet many firms lack the security protocols, resources, and 24×7 monitoring and response needed to guard against cyberthreats. This lack of visibility can lead to potential breaches that cause reputational damage, data loss, business interruption, cyber extortion, competitive disadvantages, and much more.

These risks originate from all sorts of attacker techniques such as tailored malware, stolen certificates, spies and informants, exploiting legacy vulnerabilities, attacking third-party providers, and advanced persistence threats (APTs).

Law firm cybersecurity best practices and use cases

Interested in reducing cyberrisk in the legal sector? Learn how to adopt law firm security best practices with these use cases.


Cybercriminals take advantage of the unique responsibilities of legal firms that relate to ethics, legal liability, and client confidentiality, by threatening to leak sensitive data to the public unless financially compensated.

Whaling phishing attacks

The legal sector relies heavily on email for communication with internal and external parties. Attackers will send well-crafted emails to high-value targets. Catching these requires real-time analysis of the visible message and the invisible metadata.

Insider threats

Upset employees are more willing than most to take intellectual property with them as they leave. Security teams must perform retroactive analysis, real-time analytics of their behavior, and enable automatic alerts and daily reports during their transition.

Data exfiltration

Four methods of exfiltration are USB devices, cloud data syncing services, self-emailing files to personal addresses, and even printing. Monitoring insider threats is critical to reinforce policy into practice.

Anomalous file access

Malicious actors frequently attempt to access critical files. Leverage file integrity monitoring (FIM) to protect your data using out-of-the-box policies for common applications and get real-time alerts for unauthorized changes to sensitive files and registry settings.

Mergers and acquisitions

Hacker groups like FIN4 use C-Level information for financial gain. User entity behavior analytics (UEBA) helps discover and respond to FIN4 threats.

Law firm cybersecurity solutions

Thinking with a security-first mindset is about more than just achieving compliance standards. CISOs in the legal sector need to be aware of the potential impact to the business due to a broad range of threats and maximize investment in security to centralize monitoring and real-time analytics. Learn how LogRhythm can empower your operations to measurably reduce risk:


LogRhythm SIEM keeps an organization safe in the legal sector by centralizing data across disparate systems and correlating data to provide a holistic overview of an organization’s environment.


MistNet NDR by LogRhythm provides a machine learning (ML)-driven network threat detection and response solution that eliminates blind spots and monitors your organization’s network in real time.


LogRhythm UEBA, LogRhythm’s user entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) solution, automatically identifies and prioritizes anomalous user behavior, bringing enhanced efficiency to the detection of malicious threats.

Assess the maturity of your security operations

The Security Operations Maturity Model (SOMM) will help your organization evaluate your law firm cybersecurity maturity and develop a roadmap to improve operations that are appropriate in relation to your resources, budget, and risk tolerance.

Learn how LogRhythm can help your team

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