First Line of Defense: The State of the Security Team

Cybersecurity is not a one-person job, but rather an entire organizational effort. In 2022, LogRhythm sought to understand the current state of the security team, stressors, and challenges they face, and how executives can help security teams overcome common obstacles.

Join LogRhythm CISO Andrew Hollister and LogRhythm deputy CISO Kevin Kirkwood to learn more about the state of the security team and how to maximize your team’s efforts to increase security and productivity. Also learn about:

• The CISO role at the C-Suite level and board
• Cybersecurity as a business imperative
• How executives can support the security team

Register for this webinar for an insightful look into the state of the security team and how to bridge the gap between execs and your security team to effectively protect and defend your environment