Security Operations Maturity Model Self-Assessment

Understand your current level of security operations maturity and how to improve your security posture in a staged and ongoing manner.

Maturity Level 3: Vigilant

Based on your selections, your organization’s resilience to threats is currently Level 3: Vigilant. While you’ve recognized that your organization is still blind to many high-impact threats, you have invested in the organizational processes and headcount to significantly improve your ability to detect and respond to all classes of threats — specifically an effective security operations center (SOC) with trained staff.

Your organization now has superior visibility into internal and external threats, and you have good visibility into APTs, despite some blind spots. While your organization is still vulnerable to nation-state attacks, you are much more likely to detect them early and respond quickly.

At this point, you are effectively monitoring alarms and have progressed into proactive threat hunting. In addition, you are likely leveraging automation to improve the efficiency and speed of threat investigation and response processes — greatly reducing your mean time to detect and respond to threats.

Use the Model to Mature Your Security Operations

Knowing your current Security Operations Maturity Model level is just the first step. Now that you know where you are, download the model and use it as a planning tool to understand your next steps to reach your target goal of resilience.

Download the white paper to review the full maturity matrix, characteristics of each level, and how to achieve your goals.

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