Security Overview

Detect, respond to and neutralize cyber threats before they cause damage to your business.

Threat Management

Use LogRhythm’s streamlined incident response workflow to collaborate effectively and efficiently with your team.

User Behavior Analytics

Illuminate stolen credentials and insider threats with our user-based machine learning and behavioral analytics.

Network Threat Detection

Expose advanced malware, detect zero-day attacks, identify compromised systems and stop the threat.

Endpoint Threat Detection

Detect intrusions and suspicious activity with real-time visibility into your endpoint systems.

Cyber Crime Detection

Configure and monitor your IT environment for a complete forensic view into anomalous and malicious activity.

Threat Intelligence

Correlate external threat intelligence with data from your ecosystem for highly contextualized intelligence.

Honeypot & Deceptive Analytics

Assemble valuable data about attackers using honeypots and analyze the data to profile emerging threats.

File Integrity Monitoring

Protect your critical files. Alert on malware-related registry changes, improper file access, and theft of sensitive data.

Security Operations Center

Build an intelligence-driven SOC to efficiently detect and respond to attacks targeting your organization.