Services for Customer Success

Services for Customer Success

LogRhythm services accelerate time-to-value and enable your success through NextGen SIEM Platform management.

Start a Deployment

LogRhythm Deployment Services ensures a smooth integration of LogRhythm within your IT environment. We get you up and running more quickly than other SIEM providers.

  • Collect all in-scope log source types
  • Contextualize logs using LogRhythm’s Machine Data Intelligence fabric
  • Initiate the collection of diagnostic alarms and reports aligned to best practices
  • Gather reports and alerts on system diagnostics

Begin Detecting Threats

Our Professional Services team helps you safeguard your mission-critical systems with expert support, collaborating with you to determine the use cases that best address your business needs, including any compliance or regulatory requirements.

Following an iterative implementation methodology, we will harness the full breadth and power of LogRhythm to rapidly build out end-to-end use cases that address all four pillars of SIEM:

  • Collection > log sources, network sensors
  • Detection > AI Engine, alarms
  • Visualization > reports, dashboards, searches
  • Response > case management, playbooks, SmartResponse

With our Use Case Discovery & Development service, you won’t just get a flood of alarms during your next phishing attack. You’ll get the alarms you need, coupled with the tools and process to quickly identify and neutralize the threat.

Bolster Your Threat Detection Capabilities

Analytic Co-Pilot Service helps you implement security analytics to address your most impactful use cases. The service pairs you with a LogRhythm expert to guide you through the implementation of a specific threat detection module.

  • Enable LogRhythm Labs’ Threat Detection Modules content, including AI Engine alarms, dashboards, and SmartResponse™ automated playbook actions
  • Work with an expert to tune behavioral baselines for your environment
  • Check in regularly with LogRhythm experts to ensure optimal deployment of our most cutting-edge analytics content

Build a Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC Enablement Services help you develop and align the processes, procedures, and training required to create a high-functioning SOC for your organization.

  • Align your security operations with your business objectives
  • Test your capacity for handling complex scenarios
  • Design and implement the processes and procedures for a fully functional security operations center tailored to your business
  • Set up a non-production environment for training and testing

Support the Health of Your Platform

Support Account Management (SAM) provides a LogRhythm expert who proactively works to identify and fix potential administrative issues. Your SAM ensures your platform is always functioning at its highest capacity throughout the year by reviewing your platform weekly and applies fixes so you can focus on using the platform.

Want periodic assistance to ensure platform health? Consider requesting a Health Check, which verifies the operational capacity of your platform to ensure optimal performance.

Develop My Team

Want to fast-track your team to become LogRhythm experts? Check out LogRhythm University Training Courses. Course tracks are offered for system administrators and analysts and are administered in-person and virtually.

Get Started Today

To inquire about the services listed above or a custom engagement, contact us.