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Without rapid and accurate threat detection, your mean time to detect and respond to damaging cyberattacks is compromised, allowing attackers more than enough time to steal or destroy your organization’s sensitive data. Detection and response early in the cyberattack lifecycle is key to protecting your company from large-scale impact. Collecting and analyzing data from across your environment is a critical component of detection and response. From collecting security and log data to offering search and machine analytics, the LogRhythm SIEM platform provides holistic visibility across your environment, enabling effective and efficient incident detection, investigation, and response.

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LogRhythm can help you tell a cohesive story around user and host data, making it easier to gain proper insight needed to remediate security incidents faster.

In this demo inspired by real-life events, watch a security analyst use the LogRhythm SIEM platform to detect a life-threatening cyberattack on a water treatment plant.

Powerful analytics for advanced threat detection

If your security information and event management (SIEM) solution is surfacing noisy, meaningless alarms, your team can’t focus on what’s important. By using machine analytics to realize a risk-based monitoring strategy that automatically identifies and prioritizes attacks and threats, your team can quickly spot and investigate true dangers to your environment.

By combining machine analytics with search analytics, your team can effectively reduce the time it takes to discover threats on your network and from users and endpoints.

Search analytics

The LogRhythm platform’s Elasticsearch-based back-end allows for both contextual search and unstructured search. Unstructured search lets you to quickly and easily search data based on keyword criteria. Contextualized search criteria offers a more precise search, so you can get to the right data and decisions, fast. Data is displayed in a powerful and intuitive UI, leveraging customizable analysis widgets. Powered by people and enabled by technology, your team can use search analytics to actively hunt for threats.

Machine analytics

LogRhythm’s patented AI Engine technology uses a variety of sophisticated analytical techniques, including machine learning, behavior profiling, statistical analysis and black/ whitelisting to detect threats that can only be seen via a centralized “big data” analytics approach. It also corroborates threats detected by other security sensors with relevant data from across your environment. Leveraging data science-driven approaches, machine analytics allow your team to focus on the most vulnerable areas of your environment.

Actionable security analytics at your fingertips

Effective incident response requires having the right data. With it, you can perform accurate analytics to determine which incidents are true threats. LogRhythm SIEM captures data from across your environment, regardless of whether data is on-premise or in the cloud. LogRhythm’s broad set of security analytics tools enable threat corroboration and contextual risk scoring to detect and surface real threats to your organization.

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This 10-step guide shows you how to understand attacks and threats, improve detection, streamline response processes, and select and deploy the right solutions.

Download the Definitive Guide to Security Intelligence and Analytics.

Threat detection modules

With cyberthreats coming from both outside and within your organization, it’s critical to have a focused team of security experts capable of investigating and researching the latest threats and malicious behavioral patterns to keep your data safe. However, you probably don’t have the luxury of time and/or resources to staff experts in every area of security intelligence. That’s where LogRhythm Labs can help.

Our LogRhythm Labs team develops and supports LogRhythm threat detection modules, providing your team with an additional resource for threat research, rule creation, and dashboard configuration. Our preconfigured modules deliver a myriad of content for your LogRhythm deployment, including AI Engine content, reports and saved searches, dashboards, and SmartResponse™ automation actions. LogRhythm Labs’ ongoing in-field and lab-based research ensures your LogRhythm SIEM analytics evolve as fast as current threats.

Core threat detection

Delivers critical behavior analytics tied to user, endpoint, and network activity. It is designed for immediate protection from common attack vectors and is our foundational threat detection module.


Alerts on newly discovered and critical threats by leveraging in-house malware research expertise. Content is rapidly delivered and enabled automatically for protection against high-impact threats.

User and entity behavior analytics

Empowers your team to detect and neutralize user-based threats by analyzing diverse data to expose insider threats, compromised accounts, and privilege misuse.

Network threat detection

Delivers comprehensive analytics beyond what legacy Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) and flow analysis tools can provide.

Retail cyber crime

Detects behavioral changes and attacks within the cardholder data environment, expediting remediation and breach containment and minimizing data loss and brand exposure.

Customer focus

Learn how First Financial Bank used LogRhythm to replace their fragmented and manual threat detection products and processes and gained visibility into their entire ecosystem from a single pane of glass.

"I can just glance at the LogRhythm console, see what's going on, and dive deeper if necessary. It frees up a lot of my time."​
Michael Cole
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), First Financial

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