Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)

Security Orchestration,
Automation, and Response

Standardize and scale your incident response with SOAR

Respond to Incidents in Seconds

Overcome the endless manual task list and become more productive by automating workflows and accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response. 

See how LogRhythm can help your team remediate security incidents faster. In this demo inspired by real-life events, watch a security analyst use LogRhythm’s SOAR capabilities to quickly detect and respond to a phishing attack. 

LogRhythm Smartresponse alarm detection a phishing and MFA fatigue attack

Benefits of SOAR for SecOps

Reduce Manual Workload

Use machine-based assistance to automate mundane tasks and reports so you can remediate complex more problems that require skills.

Achieve Faster Response

Reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) with the ability to handle alerts and incidents in real time.

Streamline Operations

Standardize processes so that your team easily knows what protocols to follow, limiting attack dwell time and overall impact to the business. 

What to Look For in a SOAR Solution

Customizable Workflows

You need a way to standardize and customize your security workflows to enable repeatable and automated tasks that can be turned into playbooks.

Collect and Store Machine Data

Ensure you have the ability gather forensic data and store it locally or in a third-party system to support the investigation process. 

Key Functionality 

SOAR tools should include orchestration and response, incident and case management, and threat intelligence operations. These functions and notifications can exist in embedded in security tools like SIEM.

Address Response Use Cases

Look for a solution that can help you automatically quarantine endpoints, suspend users, stop network connections, discontinue unknown processes on critical devices, and more.

Comprehensive APIs

To gain proper value from SOAR, ensure the security vendor supplies quality APIs that align with your security ecosystem effectively.

LogRhythm's SOAR Solutions and Integrations

It’s our mission to streamline the analyst experience. Automation is a crucial factor for security teams to achieve a more efficient  detection, investigation, and response workflow. LogRhythm offers an embedded SOAR solution and third-party integrations with both self-hosted and cloud-native SIEM products.

LogRhythm SIEM

LogRhythm SIEM is a self-hosted SIEM platform that uses SmartResponse™ as an embedded SOAR solution to alleviate the manual burden of detecting, investigating, and responding to cyberthreats. You can also integrate with robust third-party SOAR products through APIs.

It provides fully automated playbook actions or semi-automated, approval-based response actions that users can review before execution. 

LogRhythm Axon

LogRhythm Axon is a cloud-native SIEM platform that seamlessly integrates with third-party SOAR vendors to help security teams respond to cyberthreats — all in one view. 

Learn more about our cloud SIEM offering and how it enables an effective end-to-end workflow to secure SaaS, self-hosted cloud, and on-prem log sources.

Easily Collaborate On Security Orchestration

If your team lacks a centralized place to collaborate and search through previous investigations, incidents may slip through the cracks. LogRhythm’s SOAR capabilities and integrations make it easy for your team to create and track remediation and recovery during an investigation with case management. An analyst can easily escalate a case, label a priority to it, and assign a collaborator.

With these security orchestration capabilities, your team will be able to centralize all associated case evidence in LogRhythm’s evidence locker repository for final resolution and easy access in the future.

LogRhythm Case Management processes

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