Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Is Your SIEM Effectively Catching Threats?

Your organization has made substantial investments to improve your security maturity. But your team is still struggling. There never seems to be enough resources to deal with the barrage of alarms. Analysts are spending too much time trying to understand which threats are real because they’re performing investigations across multiple platforms. And they’re wasting valuable time and resources on manual, repetitive tasks instead of focusing on more critical activities.

If you have a traditional SIEM solution, it may be hindering your ability to stop threats.

The Security Operations Maturity Model

Download the white paper to learn how your organization scores, ways to measure your team’s effectiveness, and how to improve your organization’s overall security posture.

Moving to the Next Generation

First-generation SIEM solutions lack the depth and breadth of centralized forensic data, business, and operational risk context to realize central and holistic visibility into threats across the extended IT landscape. Next-generation solutions map to modern security teams’ needs. They improve your team’s collaboration and effectiveness through automation and defined processes. They have evolved to provide a unified user experience that drives highly efficient workflows, offers real-time visibility into your endpoints, and produces measurable results.

The Bottom Line

Next-generation SIEMs reduce the amount of time it takes to detect and respond to a cyberthreat. A SIEM is the bedrock of your security operations center (SOC)’s tech stack. The question is: Is your SOC built on a strong foundation? The key is to assess your organization’s security maturity, benchmark critical security operations key performance indicators (KPIs), and then focus on where to improve so you can reduce your mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).

The Security Operations Maturity Model Graphic

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What to Look for in a Next-Generation SIEM

To be relevant, a security tool must be effective and be able to do more than simply use logs to identify suspicious behavior patterns. “Next-gen SIEM” technology is the result of this innovation. If you’re in need of a next-gen solution, making your way through the procurement process is a challenge. This is compounded by the fact that many companies market their tools as “next-gen” when they are anything but that.

To combat today’s threats, you need a solution that leverages the architecture and capabilities that are best suited to detect both known and unknown threats within your environment. But what makes a SIEM “next-gen”? In “An Evaluator’s Guide to NextGen SIEM,” SANS explored this very question and provides the criteria that make a SIEM next-gen and how to select the best option. Download the white paper to learn how to select a next-gen SIEM that fits your organization’s needs.

Detecting a Threat Buried in Data

Your organization generates a vast landscape of log data and threats attempt to hide within that maze of information. These threats can be difficult to find — even when you’re centrally collecting your log data. To gain full visibility into your environment and the threats that hide in it, you need a robust log aggregation solution. Logs then need to be processed and enriched. This makes rapid log search and downstream log analysis much more effective.

LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform detects and responds to threats measurably faster through:

  • Log management capabilities that identify useful insights via log analysis and big data analytics.

  • Sorting, enriching, and sequencing your log data, then, applying advanced analytics to it.

  • Built-in playbooks which drive executable best practices and automated countermeasures.

Our end-to-end platform helps your team detect threats early in the threat lifecycle. You’ll be able to see broadly and deeply across your IT environment and quickly mitigate and recover from security incidents. LogRhythm helps your team achieve its goals, realize rapid return on investment, and scale for tomorrow.

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Satisfy Compliance Needs and Work Like a Well-Oiled Attack-Fighting Machine

Regulatory compliance is a necessary, but often complicated and expensive component of modern business. Keeping up with compliance and reporting requirements may seem like daunting tasks when you’re strapped for security resources.

Streamline Your Security Operations Workflow

Your SIEM solution needs to provide holistic visibility into your network and improve detection and response capabilities.

When armed with LogRhythm’s compliance automation modules, your team can comply with necessary mandates more efficiently and effectively than previous manual processes.

LogRhythm can help your team detect and respond to threats measurably faster through innovations in security analytics and workflow automation to drive technological efficiency.

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Unleash the Power of Your SOC with LogRhythm

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Rapid Threat Detection and Response

Your SIEM solution should help your security team and processes work like a well-oiled machine — fighting off every attack with the confidence and speed required to protect your mission-critical assets. LogRhythm helps your team streamline its processes and reduce MTTD and MTTR through:

Open Platform

Integrates with existing infrastructure components, enables custom workflows and optimal sharing of important business context, and offers access to data for other enterprise use cases.

Data Preparation

Standardizes the taxonomy of activities abstracted from log and machine data, yielding more accurate threat detection of security events and search to visualize and correlate disparate data sets.

Scenario Analytics

Captures understood threat scenarios, enabling faster, more efficient threat detection analytics solutions across the broad spectrum of attacks.

Behavior Analytics

Detects significant real-time changes in behavioral scenarios, allowing for quicker threat detection across the spectrum of attacks — from well-known adversarial tactics to zero-day attacks.

Forensic Analysis Capabilities

Features an intuitive user interface that includes dashboards and search to aid incident investigation and response.

Support for Large Global Environments

Deploys and maintains within complex environment at scale, increasing efficiency and effectiveness through centralized threat visibility, management, and lower total cost of ownership across a growing and scaling global organization.

Big Data Architecture

Stores and searches against massive amounts of data from a variety of data sources, yielding greater flexibility for scaled growth to support high data velocity, variety, and volume for structured and unstructured search.

Data Processing & Normalization

Standardizes the taxonomy of activities abstracted from log and machine data, yielding more accurate threat detection of events and search to visualize disparate data sets.

Gain Immediate Visibility with the Cloud

When you’re worried about what threats might be moving through your IT and OT environments, time is of the essence. Your team simply does not have the time to waste cycles managing your SIEM infrastructure or troubleshooting capacity issues. When managing security in the cloud, you don’t need to wait for hardware to arrive or software to be installed. Just begin sending in your logs for immediate visibility.

LogRhythm Cloud dramatically reduces deployment time and offers peace of mind around-the-clock health monitoring. LogRhythm Cloud combines LogRhythm’s complete NextGen SIEM experience with the ease and flexibility of a SaaS solution. We handle maintaining the infrastructure so that your team can spend time on the most important task — protecting your organization.

Plan for Today, Scale for Tomorrow

When your team encounters evolving threats, speed to detect and respond is critical. And to protect your organization for today and tomorrow, your next-generation SIEM needs to handle anything you throw at it.

You need a solution that expands quickly and continues to perform at any scale — all while minimizing the impact to your ongoing operations. The SANS Institute tested LogRhythm’s solution to assess its speed, scalability, level of accuracy, and log management capabilities.

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