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Welcome to LogRhythm University

Whether you’re just beginning or a power user, we offer courses that prepare you to detect and respond to threats faster.

LogRhythm University offers a variety of training options to fit your learning style, schedule, and budget. Our instructor-led offerings are available virtually, onsite at a private location, or in-person at any one of the LogRhythm global training facilities.

In-Person Training


Instructor-led, in-person classes hosted in one of LogRhythm's global training facilities. Each participant will receive:


Instructor-led, virtual classes are hosted via live web-broadcast. Each participant will receive:


Host a private, instructor-led training virtually or at your company's location for six to 15 participants. Each participant will receive:

Welcome to LogRhythm University


LogRhythm offers free or paid, self-paced offerings for Computer-Based Training (CBT). Each participant will receive:

LogRhythm Learning Paths

LogRhythm University provides extensive product training for your entire team from security administrators to security analysts. Whether you are responsible for the system administration and maintenance or if you are triaging alarms, LogRhythm provides in-depth learning paths just for you.

LogRhythm Platform Administration (LRPA) Certification

Administrators are tasked with performing setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the LogRhythm SIEM. The LRPA courses explore these functions and the day-to-day activities for administrators, highlighting the AI Engine Rule configuration and management in the LogRhythm Platform.

LogRhythm Security Analyst (LRSA) Certification

Security Analysts perform the key task of identifying and triaging critical events related to security, compliance, and operational incidents. The LRSA prepares Analysts for exploring the day-to-day activities for analysts in the LogRhythm Platform.


screenshot of logrhythm SIEM platform

LogRhythm Cloud Administration Certification (LRCA)

Administrators are tasked with performing setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the LogRhythm SIEM in a Cloud environment. The LRCA course explores these functions and the day-to-day activities for administrators.



LogRhythm Advanced Product Training

Advanced tracks offer an inside look at the technical aspects of the LogRhythm Platform. Courses include: Custom Message Processor Engine (MPE) Rules Using Regular Expression, Threat Detection with AI Engine II, and LogRhythm NetMon for Analysts.

Training Information, Scheduling, and Registration

Learn how to access LogRhythm University, register for courses, and much more!

LogRhythm utilizes single sign-on (SSO) that will give you access to the LogRhythm Community, LogRhythm University, and other customer resources with one convenient account. To set up your SSO account, visit https://logrhythmcommunity.force.com/.

If you have any issues registering or additional questions, please reference our Community Portal Access Instructions.

Follow our LogRhythm University Tips for insights into LogRhythm University basics, including how to search and register for courses.
Keep the following in mind as you access LogRhythm University:

  • Prior to registering for any course, you will be able to view the course description, syllabus, and cancellation policy.
You can view course schedules in two ways:
  1. LogRhythm University Calendar View
  2. On each individual course after you select register
As you access course schedules, please note:
  • The course name will state if it is virtual or in-person.
  • Each in-person course will detail the location of the training.
  • Each virtual course will begin 8:30 a.m. in the indicated time zone.

The LogRhythm Community is a one-stop shop to help you resolve common issues, ask questions, access resources, and collaborate with your peers. The Community is home to a vast repository of pre-built content geared to help you succeed with LogRhythm, including documentation, Knowledge Base (KB) updates, apps, SmartResponse actions, and dashboards. Sign up or login to the Community portal.

Download the Training Registration and Coordination Guide

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For additional information, email our staff at [email protected].


Trainees must cancel their training registration prior to their scheduled class. For our cancellation policy, please review the LogRhythm Training Cancellation Policy.