LogRhythm Pricing and Licensing

Our pricing and licensing is the most flexible in the industry, allowing you to select the best fit for your organization’s needs and requirements.

Don’t stress about future growth needs and scalability; LogRhythm’s pricing and licensing offers unlimited log sources and users. You can use your LogRhythm software license for hardware, cloud, and virtual machines. We offer options for perpetual, subscription, and unlimited data. With security analytics and compliance automation both embedded in your support plan, we’ve got you covered.

The Flexibility and Support Your Organization Requires

At LogRhythm, we know your organization has unique security needs — which is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Select from our flexible pricing and licensing options to choose the best selection for your organization’s success.

High-Performance Appliance
  • Building block expansion enables massive scalability

  • Optimized to perform at targeted volumes

  • High availability and disaster recovery configurations

Software Solution
  • Reference architectures for both virtual environments and dedicated hardware

  • Flexible architectures that run on your existing infrastructure

  • Pay as you scale

Enterprise Licensing Program
  • Simplifies the purchasing model for global organizations

  • Available for appliance and software-based deployments

  • Provides predictable and consistent cost structure

True Unlimited Data Plan

Don’t Get Penalized for Overages

LogRhythm offers the industry’s most customer-friendly licensing policy, based on a daily (rather than hourly) average of messages per second (MPS). And if you exceed your license, we won’t drop your logs, block you from searching them, or surprise you with an overage bill.

Additionally, our new True Unlimited Data Plan gives you unlimited log ingestion across the life of your term. With this subscription plan, you won’t have to pick and choose the logs you bring into LogRhythm due to cost of operations.

MSP & Systems Integrator Options

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP) or systems integrator (SI), LogRhythm enables your business with flexible licensing models and predictable cost forecasting. You’ll also benefit from our partner-ready technology platform and go-to-market support.

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