LogRhythm Data Sub-Procesors

This LogRhythm Sub-Processor Site contains important information about the Sub processors we engage from time to time to Process Personal Data on behalf of our customers, including their functions and locations.

To ensure you receive timely information about any changes to this Sub-Processor Site (including notification of any new Sub-Processors we appoint from time to time), you should subscribe to receive automatic email notifications of any updates. To do so, click here to sign up for update notifications.

When subscribing, we recommend that you use an email address that directs to, and is regularly accessed by, the appropriate individual(s) within your organisation for this type of data protection related communication/alert. You are responsible for ensuring that any email address used to subscribe is valid and up-to-date, and directs our notifications to the appropriate individual(s).

LogRhythm Data Processing Addendum: For LogRhythm SaaS offerings the LogRhythm Data Processing Addendum will apply. For more information about LogRhythm’s Sub-Processors, visit our Sub-Processor Site where users may sign up for automatic Sub-Processor change notifications.

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