Protect Patient Data

Safeguarding lives and patient data in healthcare security environments

Watch a hospital's security team handle a threat

The maturity of your healthcare organization’s security operations center (SOC) plays a critical role in protecting patients. In this demo, watch how a hospital’s SOC handles an attack — at three distinct levels of cyber maturity.

Hospital security management use cases

Protecting patient data comes with all kinds of challenges, and they are constantly evolving. Securing this data and monitoring medical devices can mean life and death for a patient — making the job of hospital security operations team critical. Learn more about how healthcare SOCs can be successful with the following use cases.

Secure telehealth systems and patient data

With the onset of COVID-19, telehealth has recently surged in popularity. But many healthcare organizations aren’t prepared to secure it properly, posing significant risk.

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Put healthcare-specific threat intelligence to work

Every industry has general indicators of compromise (IoCs), but healthcare organizations need quality data that is specific to their environments to reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to threats. 

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Monitor and defend medical devices in real time

Medical devices help healthcare professionals diagnose, treat, and keep patients alive. But cyberattackers can also use these devices as an attack vector.

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Secure electronic healthcare records (EHRs)

Patient health records are worth more on the black market than any other data — and for good reason. They contain a treasure trove of extremely sensitive data. And protecting EHR data is no simple matter — systems are often dated and data lives in separate systems.

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Scale with confidence with unlimited data

LogRhythm’s True Unlimited Data option means that no matter how your data expands, you will pay one price — and only one price for your entire contract — to protect all your data, users and systems, even if those numbers increase year to year.

SOAR helps your team work smarter, not harder

Being responsible for the security of your organization, the health and wellbeing of patients, and protecting critical — very personal data — is a lot to shoulder. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) can make your job infinitely less cumbersome by streamlining your investigation and automating steps in your workflow and ensuring your team is following the standard operating procedures defined by your SOC.

LogRhythm SIEM’s embedded SOAR solution helps your team achieve maximum efficiency, speed, and consistency with repeatable best practices — and it’s included in the cost of your deployment so it won’t kill your budget.

LogRhythm knows healthcare security requirements

At LogRhythm, we have over a decade of experience helping to secure some of the finest hospitals and healthcare organizations in the world. We partner with these organizations to make sure they have every security management solution they may need to protect the wellbeing of their patients — and their patients’ data. This includes:

Free, out-of-the-box content like the Healthcare Security Compliance Module for HIPAA & HITECH ensures you can quickly achieve compliance and value.

Integrations with healthcare systems like Epic Hyperspace, Ordr, and more enable you to easily get real-time visibility into your EHR.

Being one of the ten technology providers and industry experts chosen to participate in an initiative from the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence: Security Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem.

Helping you achieve your goals along a security operations maturity journey with our Security Operations Maturity Model.

Transforming care with technology

Learn how LogRhythm helps the healthcare industry fight cybercrime in this case study from Boulder Community Health.

Resources for healthcare security teams

Securing healthcare systems and data is multifaceted. Learn more about how to help your team achieve your security operations goals.

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