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  • Identification of vulnerabilities in systems and endpoints
  • Monitoring for anomalies within an IT system
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LogRhythm SIEM is a leader in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) on G2 Users love LogRhythm SIEM on G2 LogRhythm SIEM is a leader in Asia Pacific Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) on G2
LogRhythm has been named a Leader multiple times in the G2 Grid® for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), System Security, & Incident Response.

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“By taking a more centralized approach to security, our team can investigate alerts straightaway, which not only gives us a much better chance of halting an attack before it has a chance to cause any damage, but it saves our team a lot of time manually looking for threats.”

Lee Killner, IT Manager at EMW


“We were able to correlate internet activity and logon attempts with a brute-force attempt that our current cobbled-together reporting solution could not show us. It was immediately and visually apparent that someone was knocking at the door.”

Bob Mace, senior information security analyst at Conduent

University of Massachusetts

“From the onset, LogRhythm fully understood our vision and what it would take to succeed. Together, our teams formulated a scalable, affordable plan that closely aligned with our business model and our broader mission to improve cyber-education of the people of the Commonwealth and the region.”

Larry Wilson, the chief information security officer at the UMass President’s Office

Deloitte Canada

“We’re thrilled to formalize our relationship with LogRhythm. LogRhythm’s powerful next-generation TLM technology, combined with our managed security services and cybersecurity team, provide our clients a world-class set of solutions to meet the challenges of today’s continually evolving threat landscape.”

Rocco Galletto, partner at Deloitte Canada

Central Bank of Barbados

My experience with LogRhythm has been extremely positive. As a SMB, we appreciate the knowledge and professionalism that the LogRhythm team was able to bring to the table. We put a lot of effort into selecting a SIEM solution and we are satisfied that the LogRhythm product meets our needs.

Terry Burke, Information Security Officer


To meet PCI requirements and other data security mandates, organizations must have adequate controls for log management, including collection, review, retention and destruction. Automated and centralized solutions like LogRhythm are essential for companies to meet key parts of the PCI regulation. Coalfire has validated LogRhythm’s technology as meeting requirements under PCI and industry standards and best practices for this key control area.

Alan Ferguson, Vice President and Co-Founder


Given the completeness of the LogRhythm solution combined with its ease-of-use and implementation, I anticipate a rapid and substantial return on investment.

Paul Jay, Head of Information Security

Cardiff County

LogRhythm is easy and intuitive to use and has been imperative to Cardiff County Council achieving CoCo and GCSX compliance.

Mike Selley, IT Service Delivery Manager

The Salvation Army

What we liked about LogRhythm over its competitors was its large array of pre-built integrations, and its superior automation and orchestration capabilities. We were also attracted by the ease of use of the analyst console and the platform’s very competitive pricing.

Lachlan McGill, Executive Cybersecurity Manager


My organization has spent thousands of dollars with LogRhythm to obtain training and I can tell you unequivocally that this does not scratch the surface of the value I have received from my Co-Pilot‘s guidance and training.

Miakai Robinson, Senior Security Engineeer

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