Strengthen your Financial Services Cybersecurity

Safeguarding data and minimizing risk in financial services

Watch how to detect and stop an insider threat

Financial cyber-attacks are 300x more likely than security breaches in other industries, from the likes of phishing, insider threats and malware attack vectors.

Explore how protecting your financial data using LogRhythm SIEM with user entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can help stop adversaries in their tracks.

Financial services cybersecurity management use cases

Financial cybersecurity is becoming increasingly difficult with the ever-evolving threat landscape. Securing this data and maintaining the reputation of your organization is critical — making the job of your financial service cybersecurity operations team vital. Learn more about how security operations can be successful with the following use cases. 

Protecting critical assets

When it comes to protecting a network, financial organizations need to defend critical IT assets from any potential threat — whether inside or outside of the organization.

Protection for your user accounts

LogRhythm’s UEBA allows you to promptly detect, investigate, and remediate suspicious insider threat behavior through sophisticated security analytics.

SOAR helps your team work smarter, not harder

Having the responsibility of the security of your organization, the financial wellbeing of customers, and protecting critical — very personal data — is a lot to shoulder. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) can make your job infinitely less cumbersome by streamlining your investigation and automating steps in your workflow and ensuring your team is following the standard operating procedures defined by your SOC.

LogRhythm’s SOAR solution, RespondX, helps your team achieve maximum efficiency, speed, and consistency with repeatable best practices — and it’s included in the cost of your deployment so it won’t kill your budget.

LogRhythm knows financial cybersecurity requirements

At LogRhythm, we have over a decade of experience helping to secure some of the finest financial cybersecurity operations in the world. We partner with these organizations to make sure they have every security management solution they may need to protect the wellbeing of their customers data. This includes:

Free, out-of-the-box content with multiple financial compliance solutions such as SWIFT, PCI DSS, RMiT and MAS-TRMG, ensuring you can quickly achieve value.

Protecting not just your customers but also your organizations reputation and securing against financial penalties.

Solutions to meet the needs of all types of financial services organizations from insurance to hedge funds.

Helping you achieve your goals along a security operations maturity journey with our Security Operations Maturity Model.

Scale with confidence with unlimited data

LogRhythm’s True Unlimited Data option means that no matter how your data expands, you will pay one price — and only one price for your entire contract — to protect all your data, users and systems, even if those numbers increase year to year.

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