Strengthen Your Financial Services Cybersecurity

Safeguard Your Data and Abide By Industry Regulations

Business-impacting security incidents are now an everyday occurrence, often causing ripple effects throughout entire industry. Meanwhile, the financial services regulatory landscape adds pressure on resource-constrained security and compliance teams.

In this demo, watch how a bank’s security team reduces risk by using a security information and event management system (SIEM) to easily onboard log sources, monitor data, and reduce risk from cyberattacks.

Enhance Visibility and Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

LogRhythm gives financial services organizations detailed visibility into their security posture, accelerating threat detection and response. The risk insights revealed by LogRhythm also play a pivotal role in critical activities like threat hunting and compliance planning and validation.

Protect Sensitive Data

Detect unsanctioned data transmission or exfiltration

Increase Visibility

Collect and analyze on-premises and cloud security signals

Detect Threats Early

Harness rich, easily customizable detection content

Reduce Ransomware Risk

Map detections to MITRE ATT&CK® ransomware indicators

Accelerate Response

Automate with SmartResponse™ plug-ins and track case progress

Simplify Compliance

Meet key requirements and detect non-compliant activity

Analyze Broad Signals About Financial Services Risk

LogRhythm uses multiple, highly complementary methods to detect threats targeting financial services organizations.

Log Data

Collect, enrich, and analyze data from across on-premises and cloud infrastructure, including IT assets and specialized operational technologies.

Network Traffic

Inspect network activity to understand application usage, detect suspicious behavior, and reconstruct events during incident investigations.

User Behavior

Detect and stop account abuse, insider threats, and regulated data exposure by analyzing user behavior for malicious activity or non-compliant activity.

Proven Success Across Financial Services Sectors

Learn about how LogRhythm partners with organizations across the financial services industry to understand and mitigate risk.


LogRhythm helps a leading fintech firm enable more secure digital payments in Egypt.

Central Banks in Asia Pacific

LogRhythm partners with multiple central banks to strengthen risk management practices.

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