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Our LogRhythm Labs team never stops working to give your Security Operations Center unparalleled security research, analytics, incident response and threat intelligence services to protect your organization.

OilRig Campaign Analysis

Actionable Intelligence about the OilRig Campaign

Read the details behind the OilRig malware campaign including the tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used to compromise critical infrastructure, banks, airlines, and government entities.

Using the information in this report, security operations center (SOC) analysts can better detect and respond to this specific threat.

LogRhythm Labs Embedded Expertise

Presented by James Carder CISO & VP LogRhythm Labs

We Solve the Security Problems That Matter the Most to You

You can’t be an expert in every area of security intelligence—which is why we built a team of dedicated security experts to defend your organization against the latest threats.

Machine Data Intelligence Icon

Machine Data Intelligence

Our MDI team makes sure the LogRhythm platform can interpret data across your enterprise from virtually any device or technology partner.

Threat Intelligence Icon

Threat Intelligence

We operationalize the intelligence we gather from incidents to help you detect and respond to threats.

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Threat Research and Analytics

We love research. And we apply this to understanding attacker tactics. We then respond to these by developing analytic content in the form of new modules, AI Engine rules and SmartResponse rules be sure you’re protected from new threats.

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Compliance Research and Analytics

We really know compliance, and we’re constantly developing analytic content that is aligned with industry framework to make sure you meet all the requirements that impact your specific industry and location.

Our Mission

We deliver unparalleled security research, analytics, incident response and threat intelligence services to protect your organization from damaging cyber threats.

We empower you by combining actionable intelligence with advanced analytics so you can greatly reduce the time to detect and remediate against risks that matter the most to you.

Our Qualifications

The members of the LogRhythm Labs team hold a wide range of industry certifications. But it’s not all about the logos. Our team has the real-life experience too—with backgrounds as network security architects, security analysts, offensive security researchers and compliance officers—from multinational corporations to strategic federal entities and incident response consultancies.