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Gain insight from threat intelligence experts

You need all the help you can get when trying to protect your organization against cyberthreats and breaches. With the growing number of cyberthreats, their increasing level of sophistication, and your limited IT resources, it can be difficult to uncover the new vulnerabilities and methods attackers are using to penetrate your organization.

You need a focused team of security experts that have hands-on, real-world experience in investigating and researching the latest threats and malicious behavioral patterns to keep you safe.

LogRhythm Labs is a dedicated team within LogRhythm that delivers security research, analytics, and threat intelligence services to protect your security operations center and your organization from damaging cyberthreats. Our Labs team continually creates content based on research to help you detect and respond to threats and risks by combining actionable intelligence with advanced analytics.

Optimize your SOC efficiency with LogRhythm

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Get out-of-the-box solutions that give you back precious time

No matter your industry, time is precious. Without a solid understanding of the current threat landscape or the security regulations that you’re required to meet, you’ll spend countless hours trying to keep your business safe. With LogRhythm’s solutions, such as security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), you can streamline your team’s workflow and respond more quickly to surfacing threats.

LogRhythm Labs can save your team precious time from having to write rules or develop new solutions. Our team’s truly out-of-the box solutions help you stay focused on your day-to-day job while keeping your organization safe from threats and breaches.

We solve the security problems that matter the most to you

You don’t have the time or the resources to be an expert in every area of security intelligence. That’s why LogRhythm built a team of security experts so you can focus on other important issues.

LogRhythm Labs is made up of four core teams. Each team is comprised of security industry professionals that have real-world experience and expertise to help you solve your biggest cybersecurity issues.

Threat research

Research is core to understanding attacker tactics and techniques. LogRhythm Labs’ threat research team helps you detect and respond to attacks by creating analytic content such as Threat Detection modules, AI Engine content, and SmartResponse™ automation plugins that ensure you’re adequately protected from new and emerging threats. The team also operationalizes intelligence it gathers from incidents to help you stay on top of the latest threats and improve your threat detection.

Machine data intelligence

LogRhythm Labs’ machine data intelligence (MDI) team develops, maintains, and updates device integration support for over 800 third-party products. This team ensures that the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform interprets and normalizes data from any device or technology partner across your enterprise. LogRhythm’s MDI capabilities enable the LogRhythm Labs team and customers to develop scenario-based and anomaly-based analytic content that you can quickly deploy to safeguard your environment.

Strategic integration

LogRhythm Labs’ strategic integration team develops and maintains key vendor-, partner-, and industry-specific integrations, modules, dashboards, and SmartResponse™ automation plugins. The team creates industry-specific modules that help you detect, respond, measure, and report on the security and privacy that matters most. This team also builds integrations, AI Engine rules, dashboards, and reports for critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. LogRhythm has integrations with vendors and companies including Carbon Black, Cisco, Epic Hyperspace, All Scripts, Okta, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, and others to help you strengthen and protect your security environment.

Compliance research

Meeting your organization’s complex compliance requirements can be challenging. LogRhythm Labs’ compliance research team builds compliance-based content to help you detect, respond, measure, and report compliance with global regulations. Our experts understand current compliance requirements and continuously research new regulations. They leverage that expertise to develop and maintain compliance mandate-specific Compliance Automation Suites, consisting of prebuilt report packages, out-of-the-box responses, investigations, alarms, and SmartResponse™ automation plugins, all specifically mapped to individual controls of each regulation.

Solve your most critical cybersecurity needs

LogRhythm Labs plays a critical role in developing LogRhythm’s solutions to help your organization detect threats, protect it against compromises, and comply with key regulations. These include:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR Compliance)

Simplify GDPR compliance with our GDPR Compliance Module. Like our other compliance modules, the GDPR module offers a robust, prebuilt suite of rules, alerts, and reports — in this case specifically mapped to technology-focused GDPR articles.

SmartResponse™ automation plugins

LogRhythm’s SmartResponse™ automation plugins are prebuilt actions that enable both automated and semi-automated incident response. SmartResponse reduces the time needed to perform common investigation and mitigation steps, preventing high-risk threats from escalating.

Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)

LogRhythm’s SOAR expedites and automates workflow across your SOC. It accelerates threat qualification, investigation, and response, making your tasks easier and helping you be more effective.

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

LogRhythm UEBA helps you monitor for known threats and behavioral changes in user data, providing critical visibility to uncover threats that might otherwise go undetected. UEBA also reduces your mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) to cyberthreats before they can result in a devastating breach.

Simplify Compliance

Meeting changing global compliance requirements remains a challenge. You face tighter security measures while having to comply with new regulations.

LogRhythm Labs provides pre-built content to help you meet many compliance mandates, reducing the time and resources you’re spending to address compliance regulations.

Bolster your resources with LogRhythm Labs’ security experts

Your team may lack adequate budgets or qualified expertise to hire the people you need to address the myriad of security issues you face every day. LogRhythm Labs can help. As experts in digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), members of the LogRhythm Labs team have investigated some of the largest and most well-known intrusions in the world. Our team is highly qualified to devise the solutions you need to address security concerns.

The LogRhythm Labs team is experienced in penetration testing, forensics, threat intelligence, and malware analysis. Our team has worked as network security architects, security analysts/engineers, offensive security researchers, and compliance officers — spanning everything from multinational corporations and cybersecurity companies to strategic federal entities and incident response consultancies.

Members of LogRhythm Labs have a range of industry certifications that validate our team’s security knowledge — inside and out.

Gain insight from threat intelligence experts

Learn about the latest cyberthreats and how to protect your organization with threat intelligence reports developed by LogRhythm Labs.

Stay informed about the latest security trends

LogRhythm Labs keeps a pulse on the latest industry cybersecurity trends, news, and insights. Check out LogRhythm Labs’ blog posts.

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