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LogRhythm Security Spotlight

LogRhythm Security Spotlight

Cybersecurity insights to reduce noise, prioritize work, and quickly secure your environment

Learn About Trending Cyberthreats and How to Detect Them

LogRhythm’s Security Spotlight video series shares key insights into trending cyberthreats to help you defend against evolving attacks. Tune in every week as our experts provide you with tips for how to improve your security maturity and use cases that are based on our customers’ needs when working with Analytic Co-Pilot team.

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Monitoring Users Opening Malicious Files (T1024.002)

The simple reality is that no matter how robust and mature the security processes of your organization are, there will always be the human element to business. Today’s Spotlight will provide a quick overview on how to monitor for users unwittingly executing malicious files. 

Customers can learn more from LogRhythm Community here.

Monitoring Disabled and Deleted User Accounts

In this Spotlight Spotlight video, learn how to monitor disabled or deleted user accounts and why it’s important to do so.

Customers can learn more from LogRhythm Community here.

Detecting Credential Dumping within LSASS

LSASS is a fundamental component of all Windows Operating systems. Over time, we have seen many malwares use credential dumping as part of a larger attack chain. Monitoring the lsass.exe execution, as well as rundll32 execution in conjunction with comsvcs.dll, will increase visibility and capability to react immediately.

Customers can learn more from LogRhythm Community here.

Detecting Rasberry Pi

Check out this quick overview on Raspberry Pi and its value in both sides of the hacking paradigm. Plus, get tips for how to detect them on your network. 

Customers can reach out to your aligned Sales Engineer or Co-Pilot and they will be happy to assist you with enabling a detection rule.

BITSadmin used to
download files (T1197)

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) was introduced by Microsoft with Windows XP as a way to simplify the downloading and uploading of large files. Listen to how to monitor the manual activity that you would expect to see when a malicious actor is leveraging BITS.

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