Extending DevSecOps Security Controls into the Cloud

SANS Research Highlights Best Practices

The cloud market has taken a new position in the IT industry as many organizations invest in adoption. DevSecOps principles can help with security limitations, but its approach to cloud security requires detailed planning.

Explore how organizations are extending DevSecOps security controls beyond their on-premises environments and into the public cloud to secure their cloud networks, services, and applications.

SANS’ research report will guide you through:

  • How the cloud helps organizations move faster
  • Whether organizations focus more on the left (Dev) or the right (Ops)
  • How InfoSec can take advantage of DevOps feedback loops and experiments
  • How cloud tools are being used compared to on-premises options

Download SANS’ report to learn about best practices in DevSecOps for today’s cloud-based environment.

SANS report on Extending DevSecOps Security Controls into the Cloud