LogRhythm Axon

LogRhythm Axon

Cloud-Native SaaS Security Operations Platform

Make Your Life Easier

LogRhythm Axon is a cloud-native SaaS platform built for security teams that are stretched thin by overwhelming amounts of data and an ever-evolving threat landscape. Built from the ground up, Axon’s intuitive experience gives analysts contextual analytics into cybersecurity threats so you can reduce noise and quickly secure your environment. Axon reduces the burden of managing threats and the operating infrastructure, helping your security teams prioritize and focus on the work that matters. 

LogRhythm Axon

Why Insight Matters for Cloud Application Security

Learn how you can improve your enterprise’s hybrid IT security posture and enhance your analyst experience through a cloud-native platform. Download this analyst report to get helpful tips, plus read a third-party evaluation of LogRhythm Axon.

Enable your security team to defend against cyberattacks effectively

Save time

A 100% cloud-native security operations platform that alleviates time spent managing and maintaining infrastructure.

Find threats faster

Search driven widgets and an intuitive dashboard makes it easier to find information and respond to threats.

See clearly

Automatically collect data from cloud or on-prem sources from our hosted collectors and on-prem agents. Metadata extraction combined with easy-to-use tools to build custom parsers ensures visibility across the environment.

Execute seamlessly

Surface threats and secure your environment with powerful security analytics. Leverage out-of-the-box content or author your own custom content.

SOC analysts using LogRhythm Axon

Realize a faster time to value with LogRhythm Services

Our Services team can help you safeguard your mission-critical systems with expert support, guidance, and can help get your systems onboarded quickly to obtain rapid results. 

Reduce the amount of time investigating threats with powerful security analytics

Focus on the work that matters

With a 100% cloud-native SaaS platform, ease the burden of managing and maintaining infrastructure and scale smoothly as your SOC grows. With a cloud-native architecture, updates are automated enabling continuous quick delivery of enhancements.

Filter out the noise

Build your own threat detections or from quality out-of-the box content including detections mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework and common events that are important to your organization. Automate reviewing log data for suspicious activity by surfacing observations for investigation in the Axon dashboard. Decrease threat investigation and detection time by intelligently combining logs and logs analytics observations into grouped clusters across users, hosts, and networks to find easily related observations in one, simple workflow.   

Data works for you. You don't work for the data

Flexible collection of logs from public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises at the point of ingestion ensures that metadata is automatically extracted giving you visibility as soon as possible. Log data is normalized and enriched through our patented MDI Fabric to uniquely improve searchability and analytics across disparate log sources.  

Intuitive by design

Guided and instinctual workflows make analysts tasks simpler to accomplish, reduces ramp time on the platform, and enables security analytics. Search the entire log store at any time and create continuous monitoring from widgets into dashboards to enhance visibility into investigations and security analytics. Facilitate fast decision making and action with suggestive search that prompts context as an analyst types in search keys and values. Save your searches and dashboards to schedule specified reports daily, monthly and/or quarterly. 

See LogRhythm Axon in action

Let one of our security experts review your uses cases and demonstrate how the LogRhythm Axon platform can help you reduce noise and quickly secure your environment. 

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