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Security made smarter with artificial intelligence

Introducing Advanced UEBA

Imagine a world where every process is streamlined and no threat goes undetected. Where your AI-enabled SOC allows your security analysts to focus on high-level decisions that require intuition and creativity. Where your technology outpaces the sophistication and volume of your attackers.

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Power your SOC with artificial intelligence

The complexity and volume of cyberthreats are evolving at a dangerously rapid pace, and security operations centers (SOCs) are struggling to stay ahead.

With the shortage of qualified analysts, the inefficiency of manual processes, and the growing cost of securing a business, your organization is exposed to a world of risk.

But there is a solution: incorporate security technology that can automate tasks associated with threat detection, incident response, and administration with artificial intelligence (AI).

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

91% of companies say they cannot identify an insider threat. LogRhythm UEBA applies self-evolving analytics against long periods of user data to detect previously hidden threats.

See how to detect and stop an insider threat with UEBA

Self-evolving AI for faster threat detection and analysis

With LogRhythm UEBA, your team’s threat detection gets faster thanks to analytics that get smarter.

LogRhythm UEBA applies self-evolving artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms for security across enormous, cloud-based, centralized datasets.

Accelerate threat detection

As a fully integrated add-on for the LogRhythm SIEM Platform, LogRhythm UEBA gives your team unparalleled accuracy by using AI and machine learning to detect signature-less and hidden threats

Get smarter, faster

LogRhythm UEBA learns from and evolves in your environment. It combines supervised and unsupervised learning for continuous, automated tuning without manual intervention so your security quickly grows smarter.

Solve today’s threats—and tomorrow’s too

With a cloud-based architecture, enhancements are introduced immediately. Your team will be prepared to solve for not just today’s threats—but also the inevitable advanced threats that will come your way.

Maximize analyst efficiency

Wave goodbye to alarm fatigue and false positives. With continuous automated analytics, your team can focus on critical decision making instead of manual threat monitoring.

Achieve rapid time to value

Start benefiting immediately with cloud delivery. Plug-and-play implementation lets your team focus on their mission instead of spending valuable time implementing and maintaining a new tool.

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