User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)​

UEBA security solutions detect and respond to 
anomalous user behavior

To avoid a data breach, your organization must detect and respond quickly to anomalous activity. User and entity behavior analytics solutions (UEBA) can help you monitor for known threats and behavioral changes in user data, providing critical visibility to uncover user-based threats that might otherwise go undetected.

UEBA security is imperative since user-based threats are on the rise:

  • 69% of organizations report incidents of attempted data theft — by internal threats.
  • 81% of breaches involve stolen or weak credentials.
  • 91% of firms report inadequate insider threat detection programs.
    Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2017

Watch how UEBA detects and stops an insider threat

LogRhythm performs profiling and anomaly detection using a wide range of analytics approaches against diverse environmental data.

Enhance your security maturity through
UEBA security solutions

Don’t be unprepared. User entity and behavior analytics gives your team the means to achieve greater visibility into users and their activity.

With UEBA, your team can:

  • Collect and prepare data from diverse sources to provide clean sets for effective analytics.
  • Obtain a true view of the identity of users and hosts — not just their disparate identifiers.
  • Detect known and unknown threats by applying full-spectrum analytics.
  • Accelerate threat qualification and investigation with powerful data visualizations and direct access to underlying data.
  • Streamline response using integrated playbooks, guided workflows, and approval-driven task automation.
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to improve time to detect and respond to threats.

Quickly spot dangerous user-based activity

Don’t let insider threats fly under your radar. User entity and behavior analytics plays a critical role in providing visibility into user behavior and enhancing detection capabilities. UEBA empowers your team to expose insider threats, compromised accounts, privilege misuse, and more — all in real time.

Identify malicious insider threats

Malicious insiders cause damaging, headline-making cyberbreaches, and acts of sabotage. Monitor for data exfiltration, policy violations, and other dangerous activity.

Uncover compromised accounts

Attackers use compromised account credentials in an overwhelming number of breaches. Distinguish between legitimate account activity and compromised account activity through deep behavior profiling and anomaly detection. Discover the imposter before a damaging breach occurs.

Expose privilege abuse and misuse

Your privileged users have the keys to the kingdom, presenting a greater risk to your organization. Track how these privileges are being used by monitoring for unauthorized new account creation, privilege escalation, abnormal access, and other risky activity.

Spot brute-force attacks

Attackers will programmatically target your cloud-based infrastructure and external authentication systems. Advanced monitoring and alerts keep you one step ahead of attackers. Know when you’re a target and quickly implement countermeasures to block access.

Identify new privileged accounts

It can be challenging to ensure appropriate access rights and keep track of super users. LogRhythm automatically monitors and reports on newly created privileged accounts and unauthorized elevation of permissions.

Track unauthorized data access & exfiltration

When a compromised user account or a rogue insider finds sensitive data, you need to know. Our full-spectrum analytics and file integrity monitoring (FIM) can help you detect when a user inappropriately accesses protected data — in real time.

Establish identity on your network

Understanding and establishing identity on your network is mission critical. In any given environment, users, hosts, and applications coexist. By themselves, disparate actions from different users and entities mean nothing. Yet when those actions are associated and corroborated together, they can tell a comprehensive story, providing meaningful security and operational context.

LogRhythm TrueIdentity™ maps disparate user accounts and related identifiers to build a comprehensive baseline of a user’s actual identity. By baselining a user’s profile and comparing that activity to the individual’s peers, you can rapidly surface anomalous behavior for qualification and investigation.

Harness the power of full-spectrum analytics to increase visibility into user entity behavior

LogRhythm’s UEBA solutions perform profiling and anomaly detection using a wide range of analytics approaches against diverse environmental data. LogRhythm delivers scenario- and behavior-based analytics, then corroborates insights, providing visibility across the spectrum of cyberattacks.

Surface and prioritize known threats with scenario-based analytics

Scenario-based analytics help your organization surface and prioritize known attacks — in real time. Apply established tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and signature-based indicators of compromise (IOC) to recognize different known scenarios along the Cyberattack Lifecycle (also known as the Cyber Kill Chain).

Deep behavioral profiling and anomaly detection through machine learning

Behavior-based analytics help identify unknown attacks or zero-day exploits. Deep behavioral profiling enabled by supervised and unsupervised machine learning (ML) provides anomaly detection by recognizing subtle shifts in user activity. Focus on the problems that require intuition and creativity, and let ML help your security operations scale defeat evolving threats.

Actively respond to and neutralize threats when it matters most

Anomaly and threat detection are only part of the story. Once you detect a concerning incident, you need a solution that allows you to qualify, investigate, and neutralize that threat. LogRhythm’s UEBA solutions provide embedded security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities that support the entire threat investigation, through remediation and recovery.

Embedded SOAR feature set:

  • Case management: Ensure incidents don’t slip through the cracks. Case management capabilities centralize investigations enabling your team to securely collaborate. Easily create or escalate a case, assign a priority to it, add collaborators, and track remediation efforts.
  • Guided workflows and task automation: LogRhythm SmartResponse™ automates a wide range of analyst tasks, increasing your productivity and accelerating incident response. Choose from fully automated playbook actions or semi-automated, approval-based response actions that allow you to review before countermeasures are executed.

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