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LogRhythm Axon Services

LogRhythm Axon Services

Obtain quick time to value with Services to support your success

Maximize your return on investment

There is a lot riding on the shoulders of your security operations team — protecting the organization’s reputation, safeguarding sensitive client information, and ensuring the ability to deliver products and services. Our Services team can help you safeguard your mission-critical systems with expert support and expedited onboarding to achieve a faster time to value.

LogRhythm Axon Services Data Sheet

Execute Seamlessly

Deploy the platform, easily implement use cases that are specific to your company, and train your employees quickly

Quick Deployment and Onboarding

Expert support and guidance will enable you to rapidly ensure the Axon platform is fully optimized

Flexible Options

Self-guided training, professional, and consulting services to help you gain a faster time to value; choose what works best for your business

Our experts can help you with:

Agent deployment

Set up Axon agents and collectors to easily ingest on-premises and cloud sources.

Log source onboarding and parsing

Ensure proper parsing policies and help create new policies for unidentified log sources.

Saved search

Build out business specific searches to execute on-demand or run as a scheduled report.

Maturity Assessment

Assess your current security posture and identify opportunities for planned improvement.

Audit Readiness

Expert guidance and support to ensure you are fully prepared for your next regulatory audit, allowing you to navigate the process with confidence and ease.


Customize widgets and dashboards based off your business needs for security visibility and analysis.


Create and save reports that identify and track pertinent security information which can run ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis.

Security analytics

Surface the most pertinent threats to your business with out-of-the box content and build your own custom analytics rules.

Growth Planning

Identify goals and create milestones that will help you build a mature security operation.

Threat hunting

Learn how to combat the latest cybersecurity threats. We’ll guide you through best practices to monitor and respond to threats.

Use Case Development

Achieve your security objectives by developing use cases that are specific to your organization’s goals. 

Response playbooks

Ensure the appropriate response activity related to surfaced threats

Architecture Design

Design effective log collection strategies based off your requirements to help you be cost effective and efficient.

Learn about our services options

Chose from services that best fit your needs. Here are consistent programs we support our customers with throughout the year.

Standard Success

Included with the LogRhythm Axon platform, you will receive two onboarding sessions and three months of enablement to help you get started with confidence. In addition, explore self-guided resources such as online training, videos, and community advice.

Enhanced Success

Set your team up with a LogRhythm expert on a consistent cadence to ensure your platform is fully optimized. Our LogRhythm experts will help guide you through setting up your log sources and customize dashboards, searches, and reports. As your team encounters questions, challenges, or new feature releases, our consultant will be there to support them and present our best practices to keep your team focused on outcomes.

Security Success

Our Security Success includes all the value of Enhanced Success Services, adding new security focus through customized use case development, security analytics, and threat hunting consultation to further strengthen your security operations program. Tap into our team’s expertise to refine your goals and create a 360-degree view of your environment.  

Signature Success

Signature Success is a comprehensive service that takes the Security Success Services to the next level by providing clients with a more expansive and well-rounded approach to security. Our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver the highest quality services, including maturity assessments, collection architecture guidance, and audit readiness preparation. These additional services assist you in maintaining a secure environment while also building a mature security operation.  Our Signature Success consultants are available to meet with you several times per week, providing a flexible schedule that accommodates your needs. 

Professional Services

Access specialized resources to help jumpstart a specific use case for your company. LogRhythm will configure agents, onboard log sources, and design and implement reports, lists, dashboards, and other custom content. Accelerate specific scope for greater vantage points into the platform for analysis.

Standard Success Enhanced Success Security Success Signature Success Professional Services
Consistent programs throughout the term Accelerate specific scope
Onboarding (2 sessions)
24x7 customer support
LogRhythm Community & documentation
Embedded product training
Named customer success manager
Agent deployment 3 Months
Log source onboarding 3 Months
Custom processing policies 3 Months
Saved search 3 Months
Dashboards 3 Months
Reports 3 Months
Security analytics
Use cases
Response playbooks
Threat hunting
Compliance (pending feature availability)
Security Operations Maturity Assessments
Growth Roadmap Development
Architecture Design
Audit Readiness Assessment & Prep
Support Monitoring & Escalation
Schedule Bi-weekly for 3 Months Weekly Weekly Weekly + Ad Hoc Defined by SOW and project mgr
Duration License term
(except where designed)
9-36 Months 9-36 Months 9-36 Months Defined by SOW and project mgr
Included in success services
Scope for your needs

LogRhythm Axon Services

LogRhythm Axon Services are a useful resource to get the most value out of your investment. We care about your success and are here every step of the way. To learn more, contact us below.

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