Singapore Pushes Digital Transformation for Economic Recovery

Joanne Wong vice president for Asia Pacific and Japan at LogRhythm said, this will help bring rapid digital transformation to Singapore.

“The new SG Digital Office is certainly a step in the right direction,” she said. “It is only prudent that we focus our efforts on traditional businesses, who are embarking on this transformation journey for the first time – equipping them with the digital know-how and tools will help to unlock new opportunities and level the playing field.”

Wong noted awareness and educate the importance of cyber security should also remain at the forefront of the transformation.

“While helping these business owners learn how to use digital tools, digital ambassadors must also teach basic cyber hygiene and best practices, so that inexperienced users don’t inadvertently expose personal, sensitive information and get exploited,” she said. “Digital transformation and cyber security should all the more go hand-in-hand, given that Singapore, one of the most highly-connected and developed countries in the world, is a common target among cyber criminals.”