Ten Measures to Strengthen the Security Posture

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Ten Measures to Strengthen the Security Posture

Cyber threats have increased significantly in the wake of increased connectivity and organizations must adopt comprehensive security measures to defend the business.

The world is witnessing an unprecedented rate of data generation—by 2025 IDC estimates that the planet’s population will generate 175 zetabytes of data. Just to set the context a zetabyte comprises 21 zeros. As humanity becomes more and more digitized with IOT devices, intelligent agents and machine learning applications, autonomous drivers and sensors in our bodies, homes, workplace streaming real-time data, the planet will be churning out mind boggling amounts of data.

Mohan Raj, Regional Director, Gulf & India at LogRhythm, says, “LogRhythm established presence in 2015 and we have sizable presence in Asia, Middle East and Africa with more than 30 employees specializing in cyber security solutions, and providing real-time support services to organizations.”

With so much of data around, managing, monitoring and securing that data becomes an even larger nightmare. And cyber security threats are increasing with more frequent and vicious attacks—the year 2021 witnessed a 50% increase in the number of cyber-attacks per week on corporate networks than in 2020, according to research by CheckPoint Software Technologies.

Worse is that these are serious breaches—Global Security Insights, 2021 by VMWare reported 2.35 breaches on an average per year and that there were material breaches in eight out of 10 cases which required reporting to the regulators or an incident response team to take action.

So how does an organization defend itself. Speaking with Enterprise IT from Dubai, Mohan Raj, Regional Director, the Gulf & India at LogRhythm, Enterprise IT finds that the company has been working closely with organizations in Asian and Middle East strengthening the security posture and here are few things that businesses must adopt to achieve robust security.