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What to Look For When Purchasing a Cloud-Native SIEM

A growing wave of security teams are strategically transitioning from a self-hosted SIEM platform to a cloud-native SIEM platform. And they’re noticing countless advantages in doing so – from quicker time to insight to greater focus for analysts to identify and respond to cyberthreats.

But true long-term success in the cloud starts with selecting the SIEM vendor that aligns to your security and business needs.

What to look for when purchasing a cloud native siem featured

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Explore Ten Factors to Consider When Evaluating a
Cloud-Native SIEM Platform

SIEMs are effective tools to bolster your security and compliance maturity. But where do you start and how do you find the right vendor that meets your needs? In this paper, dive into 10 critical factors to consider, including: 

1. Ease of Data Ingestion and Integrations
2. Threat Detection Completeness, Accuracy, and Flexibility
3. Integrated Incident Response Workflow
4. Data Normalization, Enrichment, and Searchability
5. Security Framework Mappings
6. Access to Specialized Support and Services 
7. Expertise Compliance Automation
8. Vendor Track Record, Focus, and Future Outlook
9. Data Storage Locations, Policies, and Practices
10. Architecture Resilience and Scalability

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