A CISO's Guide to Successfully Leading Change

Learn How To Build Support, Manage Detractors, and Navigate Politics in this Guide from Forrester Research

If you are planning to launch a new cybersecurity program or transform your existing one, it’s essential to have a clearly defined plan and sponsors who are on board. But that is sometimes easier said than done.

To be successful, you’ll need to effectively manage the 3Ps: people, process, and politics.

In this report from Forrester Research, you’ll learn how to:

  • Feed your supporters and manage your detractors
  • Navigate politics ethically
  • Be an executive — not a “techie”

Read the report to learn how to shape the future of your program and your career.

A CISO's Guide to Successfully Managing Change

As CISOs seek to transform security, they must fundamentally change the way security has been operating and ensure that it is an embedded and holistic function. The opportunity to implement broad change in an organization doesn't come along frequently and requires a new breed of skills.

January 9, 2020. Jinan Budge, with Joseph Blankenship, Seles Sebastin, and Bill Nagel. A CISO's Guide To Successfully Leading Change, Forrester Research

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