LogRhythm User Groups (LUG)

LogRhythm User Groups (LUGs) are free, in-person meet-ups open to all LogRhythm customers. Hosted by LogRhythm experts, LUGs connect you with your local security community and help you learn through in-person education and peer-to-peer sharing.

Each meetup provides insights into best practices and upcoming product information.

Why Attend a LUG Event?

Connect with Your Local LogRhythm Community

  • With over 60 planned LUG events around the globe, you’re bound to find a LUG near you.
  • Build and grow your professional network by connecting with like-minded security professionals.
  • Interact with technical LogRhythm experts, including those responsible for the development of our NextGen SIEM platform.

Share and Collect Insights from Peers

  • Hear how other users find success using LogRhythm.
  • Collaborate with fellow LogRhythm users to foster ideas.
  • Build your personal brand by networking with other network security professionals.

Learn from LogRhythm Users and Experts

  • Bring key insights back to your organization through best practices.
  • Discover the latest LogRhythm capabilities and solutions designed to strengthen your security operations.
  • Learn directly from experienced security professionals, partners, and LogRhythm product team members.

LUG Event Dates

Q2 (April - June)

Date Name Location
Apr. 3
Tampa LUG
Tampa, FL
Apr. 9 Anchorage LUG Anchorage, AK
Apr. 18 Minneapolis Area LUG Brooklyn Center, MN
Apr. 22 Philadelphia LUG Philadelphia, PA
May 7 Cleveland LUG Cleveland, OH
May 8 Detroit LUG Wixom, MI
May 13 New York City LUG New York, NY
May 14 Melbourne LUG Melbourne, AU
May 14 Louisville LUG Louisville, KY
May 14 Montreal LUG Montreal, CA
May 15 Cincinnati LUG Cincinnati, OH
May 16 Chicago LUG Chicago, IL
May 16 Indianapolis LUG Indianapolis, IN
May 21 Atlanta LUG Alpharetta, GA
May 21 Sioux Falls LUG Sioux Falls, SD
May 23 Pittsburgh LUG Pittsburgh, PA
May 30 Washington DC LUG Washington, DC
June 4 Cedar Rapids LUG Cedar Rapids, IA
June 6 Des Moines LUG Des Moines, IA
June 12 Milwaukee LUG Milwaukee, WI
June 12 Perth LUG Perth, AU
June 20 Mexico City LUG Mexico City, MX
June 26 Central Illinois LUG Peoria, IL
June 26 Salt Lake City LUG Salt Lake City, UT

Q3 (July - Sept)

Date Name Location
July 10 Leeds LUG Leeds, UK
July 16 Singapore Executive LUG Singapore, SG
July 17 Austin LUG Austin, TX
Sept. 10 Charlotte LUG Charlotte, NC
Sept. 19 Upstate New York LUG Rochester, NY
Sept. 23 Amsterdam LUG Amsterdam, NL
Sept. 26 München LUG München, DE

Coming Soon!

Date Name Location
Aug. 20 RhythmWorld 2019 User Conference Denver, CO
Q2 Toronto LUG Toronto, CA
Q2 Northern New Jersey LUG Morristown, NJ
Q2 Miami LUG Miami, FL
Q2 Southern California LUG Los Angeles, CA

Join Us in Denver for RhythmWorld 2019

The Mile High City is hosting RhythmWorld on August 20-22 for three full days of deep-dive learning opportunities, comprehensive hands-on labs, and an extended capture the flag (CTF) event. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy all Colorado has to offer in the summer. We’re certain it’ll be the best educational event of the year! Don’t believe us? Take a look back into RhythmWorld 18 and see what our user conference has to offer.