Battling Cyber Threats in Asia Pacific

This IDC Analyst Report provides strategies against cyber threats.

Is Your Organization Maturing to the Growing Sophistication of Cyber Criminal Attacks?

Every year high profile cyberattacks against major corporations and organizations have been increasing to the point where International Data Corporation (IDC) call cyberattacks, “the new norm.” In Asia Pacific alone, 84% of organizations are using low-standard IT security measures that expose them to attackers.

The reality is that cybercriminals are now more sophisticated with their attacks through automation. According to IDC’s report, “Automated attacks account for 90% of all malicious attack traffic, and 90% of security incidents are from automated Web robots.”

If your organization has not thought about updating security strategies to meet and beat these more sophisticated cyberattacks, then your organization is at a constant growing risk to these attacks and exposing private and sensitive information to criminals.

Fortunately, their are solutions to these problems. If you understand how cybercriminals work then you can create solutions to defend your organization. Having the appropriate tools to defend against digital criminals before they attack is the most effective way to stop cyber crime in it’s tracks.

To gain more understanding, IDC has created a mini-report where you will learn:

  • The growing risks organizations face with online vulnerabilities.
  • Why so many organizations are at risk.
  • And how you can protect your organization with the proper tools such as LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform.
Only less than 10% of Asia Pacific organizations have adopted a more mature approach toward threat management.