LogRhythm Champions Network

LogRhythm Champions Network

We take our customer partnerships as serious as our security

The LogRhythm Champions Network is an exclusive community of LogRhythm’s most passionate and strategic customers. LogRhythm Champions are an elite group of customers who are LogRhythm and security experts that actively share their expertise with the InfoSec Community. The LogRhythm Champions Network works to recognize these leaders for their advocacy efforts, connect them with fellow experts, and empower them to reach their personal and professional goals.

The LogRhythm Champions Network is broken into two distinctions based on title and responsibilities: Executive and Practitioner.

LogRhythm Champions - 2022 Badge

Get to know our LogRhythm Champions

  • “We as an industry need to change our culture in order to better protect ourselves and each other. It's not about technology. It's creating a culture of 'security first.'”

  • “Being a LogRhythm Champion is a terrific way to get a voice at the table and provide feedback directly to the LogRhythm team. LogRhythm has consistently asked for our opinions and how to make the product better. The best part is the team actually listens and evolves the product based on feedback we’ve provided.”

  • “LogRhythm is a critical tool for an InfoSec program and for the overall success of any organization, so I’m looking forward to strengthening that relationship by participating in this program. The InfoSec industry can be tough and a bit uncertain, I’m also hoping this program will empower me to take LogRhythm wherever my career goes in the future.”

  • “Being a LogRhythm Champion is a terrific way to get a voice at the table and provide feedback directly to the LogRhythm team. If I can help drive improvements in the product that's going to help all of us.“

Program benefits

The LogRhythm Champion status lasts for one calendar year. During that time Champions enjoy: 

Insider deals

Enjoy discounts on LogRhythm Training and Professional Services (determined by distinction)


Grow and strengthen your professional network through special events hosted by LogRhythm

Priority access

Get priority access to beta programs, advisory boards, product information, and more


Special Champion badge and access to the LogRhythm Community and profiled on LogRhythm.com


Shape LogRhythm products and services through exclusive access to our product teams

Exclusive offers

One free full conference pass to RhythmWorld Security Conference (annually)


Participate in year-round speaking opportunities to share ideas and build your personal brand

Limited edition swag

Champion-exclusive swag

Ways to engage

We’ve identified tons of ways to engage it’s up to you to choose which opportunities are right for you:
  • Webinar speaker or panelist
  • Public speaking engagement
  • Customer Advisory Board
  • Press or media inquiry
  • Case study or video testimonial
  • LogRhythm guest blog post
  • Third-party site review
  • Public advocacy
  • Customer reference

How to get involved

As a LogRhythm customer, there are many opportunities to connect with peers, showcase your skills, and develop your career — plus earn
some prime LogRhythm swag along the way. Follow the roadmap to become a LogRhythm Champion and access exclusive program benefits!

Questions or interested in participating in the LogRhythm Champions Network? Simply contact the LogRhythm team at [email protected]

Submit advocacy activity here!

Thank you for you partnership with LogRhythm! To get credit for advocacy activity please submit your completed activities via the Champions form found below. The LogRhythm Marketing team will verify each activity and send an email to confirm your activity has been accepted.