The Definitive Guide to Security Intelligence & Analytics

Find and stop attacks sooner to prevent data breaches and minimize damage

Advanced threats are methodically evading enterprise security controls and causing major data breaches. These threats may target any organization, so no company is immune.

Fortunately, you can use security intelligence and analytics technologies to greatly improve detection, especially to stop threats early before major damage has been done.

In this e-book from CyberEdge, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand attacks and threats: Learn the basics of the attack lifecycle and threat management process
  • Improve detection: See how a security intelligence and analytics platform can discover attacks and threats and help prioritize responses
  • Streamline response processes: Learn how to use a security intelligence and analytics platform for incident management, threat investigation, and mitigation
  • Select the right solution: Review what to look for when evaluating security intelligence and analytics platforms
  • Deploy a solution: Know tips and tricks for designing and deploying a security intelligence and analytics platform
The good news is that a breach of a network does not immediately equate to data loss or service disruption. Robert Lentz, Former CISO for the U.S. Department of Defense